He called Mine

Dear Diary,

Had to leave work 2 hrs early. My little one got his fingers smashed in a door at school so they called me. Hes ok, just had to keep some ice on it for awhile.

I made a call to my attorney today. To just check and see if there was any news or response from my ex or his attorney. And if my court date had been set yet.

So the girl who handles my case answers and says “Hi, did I call you and tell you your ex called this last week?” I said NO?

She goes on to say…

“Well your ex called here last week and said he doesnt like his attorney. All they do is yell at eachother. He said he just wants to settle things and she says No, and she doesnt give him any of the paperwork. He asked if he could come in and just settle things. I told him that he cant do that, he either has to bring his attorney, or sign her out and represent himself, or get a new attorney”

Ok but you have to know, this almost made me laugh. I could just imagine my ex and the attorney yelling. For those of you that have read. His attorney is well known here, she is actually one of the top ones to use so Ive heard. But she over reacts and uses fear and indimadation tactics. Last time I was in court she got angry, threw her jacket and was asked to calm down by the baliff. This wasnt over me and my ex, just another case that same day. She is very volatile. And to be honest, if I had no experience in abuse and all the counseling Ive been through, she would scare me! But I can see through it all, and each time Ive been in court, well I dont see anything that scares me. I see someone acting. And hey her approach probably works half the time, but not this time 🙂 And my ex is so screwed up as it is, so its almost like putting two similar explosive personalities together. Its bound to set sparks flying.

So I have no idea what will happen. But Im also in no rush really either. Its the finalizing the divorce and settling the house thats left. I can live with those being delayed. I have custody and support established, And to me those are more important. Im sort of just waiting around for him to get a new job, then to go after him full force for the support owed.

So I was dreading his moving back, But I guess I also have another advantage. Hes broke and unemployed and doesnt want to deal with this. He just wants it over, and well this wont just GO AWAY.

Its just pretty sad when your ex calls his Ex wifes attny to say he doesnt like his current attorney. LOL

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