Bleh him Back?

Dear Diary,

Get home after a busy hectic time after work, tomorrow will be the same before my trip.

Kids call Dad, he tells them he may be moving back to Cali, they run in and tell me in excitement.

Inside I cringe and hang on any word they say to him to get info about this desired move here of his. I really dont want him close by. I prefer him away as he has been. 🙁

Then my little one comes over and says “Mommy is it ok if Daddy moves back here?” Im like “Huh?” He says “Daddy said to ask you” I said “Huney Daddy is a grown up, he doesnt need to have you guys ask me things, Daddy can live where he wants to”


I call B to talk, his mood was blah. He said his life is just boring, nothing to report on but laundry and he just wasnt in a talkative mood.

So I said “Well do you want to go? And is there anything wrong?”

He said he just didnt know what to talk about and that nothing was wrong that he was aware of.



Well one more day before the trip. I am kinda watching B, since with past things he gets very strange before we go away to do stuff, his mood. So Im just being observant right now.

Well its not the greatest end to my day, it could be worse.

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