Company Ripoffs

Dear Diary,


I didnt go with B today.

I was up till 3am.

B woke me about 8am. I said “Babe, I dont think I should go today, Im not mad or anything like that. I want you to go and have a good time.”

He was puzzled by my response and said He would have a good time with me.

My heart was racing, the thought of going just created total anxiety.

See when he first asked me I said sure, but assumed we would drive ourselves, me, kids and B in my vehicle and meet up with everyone down there. B wanted us to drive 30 min (as opposed to 2 hrs) to his friends house and ride down with the fellas.

The idea for the day was to drive down, the guys would go work out at the gym down there and drop me and kids off on main street to entertain ourselves for about 2 hrs, then pick us up, hang at the beach, then meet up with the peeps around 6. Head out around 8 or so to go home.

All I kept thinking was me and my kids at the mercy of someone else time wise. And that scares me. It may sound silly and all. But that created total anxiety. And I worried with my emotional state, or if theres any quarrels, or what if the kids are tired, or who knows what happens?(yes negative thought patterns)

And without my own vehicle or a “way out” I get super nervous.

We talked in great lengths this AM about it, He said “I dont agree with your decision, I think we will have fun, I would like for you to go, but also I respect your decision”

And I know hes had anxiety issues in the past in regards to doing things with me, so I tried to explain to him the feeling I was having. But that I told him about, how he just blows me off or stalls and Ive had things Ive gone to and he doesnt tell me yes or no hes not going, and I end up just leaving with uncertainty cause he would avoid.

I also shared my fears, like in TN and in the car and the comments and his friend there and the awkwardness and me just wanting to get out of the car and get away and I couldnt, nor could I really talk with his friend there.

I told him I appreciated the effort and plans to invite me and I want him to try it again, just the timing right now is not the best.

I told him he can go have guy talk on the drive, go work out with the guys and have fun.

He still wanted me to go with up until he left, but we just laid in bed hugging, he asked me if I wanted him to return tonight. I said Yes, hes going to call a coworker to try and carpool tomm am and then come home for dinner Mon night with us. I would like that.

I feel a little sad I didnt go, but I just know the state Im in, I probably would not have been able to enjoy myself and I didnt want conflict, so its best I stay home and deal with myself today. 🙂

B said that he was glad that I did speak up and I know my limitations. He said “Man we are a fucked up couple arent we?” I said “we are no different then anyone else, we all have issues, but the good thing is we can talk about them” and he agreed.

He left me some cash to buy laundry soap which was sweet since Im out. I offered my vehicle to him today but he refused it to drive to his buddies.

Sooooo Here I am. I need to clean house, I think Im gonna lay out back in the sun a little also.

And we will run to get some groceries today.

Onto other news?

Well yesterday at the party(my neighbors were there too) Well they inform me about the neighbors behind me.

IVe mentioned them here before, there son would taunt my dog and I had been on the kids numerous times, also taunting my boys over the wall. I also have a lot of trash end up at the back wall, and its all snack wrappers and soda cans. I spoke to the Mom about it once and she said “Oh we get that too, the wind blows it in” I was all??? But whatever. As there is never a regular piece of trash, just constant kids snack wrappers and Ive never seen the wind blown a can in the air over my wall.

Then there was the problem with the day she was on the wall and my dog was going nuts, I was on her son so many times, but then she was leaning over, yelling at my dog and spitting on him. I was so angry I went around the block to her front door and confronted her. She denied it. I told her I saw her with my own eyes. She then said she was “Shooing my dog away as she was looking for her dog cause he got out” Umm yeah whatever lady.

The mother screams and curses at the boy often and my old neighbors before the moved often commented how horrible that woman was as the wind carried her voice their way so they could hear.

I am still finding the wrappers at this time and have started to go to the back corner when it looks empty and I throw them back over. I know they come from the kids, I think they are hiding that they have snacks and dispose of the evidence in my yard.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO my neighbor tells me that a few mos ago he heard something out back and looked out and saw the neighbor in his yard, and a man on the wall motioning with his hands as if to lift their dog over.

My neighbor said he got his gun and told them to get out of his yard and he never wanted to see them again.

I was all WOA!

He said he thinks they were trying to steal his dog and their dog went missing a few weeks later and they have never found it.

Then I got thinking, these people. And my dog, and now hearing that and then I started to think of the Boxer puppy we had. And how she got sick and died, and it was so strange, she just couldnt eat. What happened to her? I didnt ever take her in to find out what was wrong or an autopsy. I didnt have the money. And I begin to wonder did they play some part in it???

Anyways, I talked to B about getting a security camera and setting it up. As Im gone all day, and who knows what they are still doing but I could at least find out and see if they do anything to my dog when Im not home and see for sure if those kids are throwing their trash over my wall. My dog has some health concerns but I think they are just age, but it would be good to verify they arent doing anything.

Its so cute, as I write this I look out back and there are two squirrels on the wall. They are so adorable! I hardly see these critters around my house so its neat to watch them running along the brick wall.

Also what else? I switched long distance carriers for a $15 Verizon unlimited long distance plan. I called, switched, removed the $25 unlimited other carrier Ive had for the past 3 yrs, and with Verizon I had to wait several days and call a number to check if its activated yet. I waited the 7 days and it was activated and I used it all month. I get a phone bill and Im charged! I was pissed, no long distance plan,nothing. I call the local carrier who h as no record of it. And I call Verizon and the guys says there is no order in his computer?????

How the hell! I knew I took notes as Ive had these things happen this past year. I swear to god these companies are doing this crap on purpose and ripping people off.

The cable co marked my order completed for the Cable Modem and I had to call and chase and go through hoops all day with empty claims and promises. Then I got offered a special plan as a result of their erros(now have to see if they honor them!)

So with this I was pissed off, I told the guy I have the first and last name of the rep I spoke to and the date of my original order and that I called the number to see if my acct was active and now they claim there is no record of my order PERIOD!?????????

So all the guy could do was set up service now, give me his name, a voice mail number, an order #. I went to the hilt here. And I couldnt do anything about it via phone????????? I have to write to a PO box number my complaint? Well I did, and I sent my long distance bill for the month to them and said I wanted to be reimbursed.

I swear all these companies now make it so hard to find help, get through to call, lose orders, you name it and its just a pain in the ass.

And Im tired of direct billing to my bank acct. Ive never liked it to begin with and have only had it for my Ebay acct or my long distance old co I had because that was their only payment option.

And Im removing AOL. Only place that will bill me direct is the gym, and they have never goofed in the 6 yrs Ive had that membership.

I havent updated my ebay acct credit card, and dont want to as it expired, Ive read too much about paypal going into peoples bank accts, and I had a chargeback, luckily it was minor, about $10 for a buyer who they said was being investigated for fradulent funds. And I was screwed, I lost the money and the item.

So anytime you order via phone make extensive notes, Date, time, first and last name of the rep, Order or Conf #, and stress how important that is to know and whats happened in the past so they know you mean business and will not be screwed. I kid you not, I think this is a scam these companies are pulling.

Ahhh the weather is beautiful today, I look like hell from crying and all but once I shower today Ill feel better and more normal.

Its just better I stayed home today and I hope B has a good time.

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