Giving Thanks to People

Dear Diary,

I forgot to add. I called up the Realtor Thursday. This is the woman who found me and my ex this house. A really great woman. Shes in her 50s but did a wonderful job selling us a house (We got burned badly with a bait and switch deal before we met her) Some crooked realtors.

So when I needed the Comparable Market Analysis and all the comps for the area for legal papers she did it all ASAP no problem and brought it over to me. She came in and asked how I was. Turns out she was also getting a divorce.

So this was early last year. So I speak to her and say “Well my ex has drawn this out, I still havent handled the house and I need new comps since the market has gone up” She said “No problem, Ill have it at your doorstep for you tomorrow” I thanked her again. I dont pay anything and she doesnt even make me come get it. Which I find very sweet. She said “How are you doing. You know im here to Help you, We have to help eachother”

Omgosh I wanted to cry.

The lady is awesome. I really need to get something for my attny and this lady. I need to show some type of thanks.

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