Changing the Battery

Dear Diary,

Ahhh dont ya hate it when you know something and your partner wants to argue it or tell you something else? HA! And I love it when Im right.

Just a silly thing over my battery in my vehicle. My mechanic told me my battery was low, to get it replaced and I may have a warranty on it. I wasnt sure when I got it or if I had the receipt so had to look today, even my mom was all “Oh they dont pay much” Oh heck I dont care! Even to take it in and get the core back was a help to me! Im watching my money now ya know!

Well I did have the receipt and it had a 72 month warranty, I wasnt in the free replacement zone but it said pro rate. Which I had no clue what that was. ANd B is all telling me I will get like 10% off, that I will have to pay $80 for a new battery yada yada yada yada.

Well let me just say! I got a new battery today for $26! SO IN YOUR FACE! LOL

I got like $38 off plus $8 for the core since it had the warranty.

Thank you very much!

Not the way I wanted to spend my day, running the rental car back and a ride from mom then mom and I removing the battery, going to Pep Boys and putting it back in, but hey at least I could do it right? Heck with these 3 piddly repairs as of late, and youngest with school, I would have had to work out transportation to work and all that crap and its just so much easier not having to worry about getting to and from work and everything now. Yes I still need help to get to and from to get stuff set up but Im not so pressed for time.

I just made a private sale. $25 woohoo! lol Yeah it may not seem like much but heck its what I make in just a little over 2 hrs of work. And it was outside of Ebay. Gotta love that!

Im so anxious for Thursday though! My auctions end then. So far I have sold 6 Buy It Now items, but really am hoping for more.

Well I better go for now…. little one and homework.


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