Wine Tasting Trip

Okay had to check and see if my link worked, now I can continue…

So I only drank at Rusack and that was it for me since I would end up driving the rest of the day and B was drinking and tasting, I had another sample at Bridlewood but just one sip then we headed to Los Olivos for lunch. Bridlewood was our very first winery we ever visited wine tasting when we took the Jeep tour about 2 yrs ago for B’s birthday. Its a nice place but the wines we both loved are no longer sold so we are both pretty bummed. But if you want a recommended good winery, this is one, they sell one of their wines in Costco right now.

Click here for Bridlewood

So we went to Los Olivos which is where Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is, we did get directions to drive by it but didnt take the time. I like Los Olivos, its so cute and quaint there. We stopped and had lunch there at the little sandwich place, yummy sandwiches and we had rootbeer and bought a pallet of strawberries from a local farmer. Nice big ripe ones!

We walked around a little bit, I went into a gardening shop before we headed out.

Click here for Los Olivos

So we went to a few wineries, but our last stop was BlackJack where they filmed a spot in Sideways. B did the Megatasting and has 12 wine tastings! Woooo he was goofy when we left!

He really liked their wines though.

The guy who is the owner invented the game of California Blackjack.

Click here for Los Olivos

B was commenting later on many of the owners of wineries, One was a person with the Wrigley Gum fortune, Bridlewood was from person who created 1800 Flowers but since has lost it due to a divorce, and then the California Blackjack guy.

So we headed out after that and I drove Cachuma Pass instead of the freeway which I prefer, my ex actually taught me this drive and I love it.

Its twisty and through the mountains but it basically takes you from Santa Barbara, through Santa Ynez, Solvang and then right back to the freeway if you want to hop back on.

So we stopped in Valencia to eat at Wolfcreek Brewery, this is our fave restaraunt to eat at, the one I always refer to. I had the Thai Pasta, mmmmm

And then we were off, we drove Bouquet Canyon at night, and then got home near 9pm, and just relaxed, it was nice to be home. Took it easy on Sunday, I cleaned some toys up as B slept in.

Weather was warm today! I hope the roof gets done soon! I need our new cooler installed!

So here we are, if I havent written before, my youngest officially had a GROUP of kids now to play with, they like appeared about 2 weeks ago and live down at the end of the street, and now my youngest is outdoors, on his bike with kids all around. So that is such an answered prayer, this is what that kid needed, he is out of his brothers hair, hes active and happy, and it makes a calmer house for Mom.

So I got some booklets in Solvany of coupons for hotels, and am hitting myself that the hotel we stayed at for the 4th which cost us more was in here and just about $20 more to stay at if they had a vacancy! I told B from now on we get the booklets first before booking a room! 🙂

We could have stayed in a nicer place, oh well, live and learn!

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