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Dear Diary,

Okay Im back. First off I said Hiya to Mr Comedy and hes all pitching some guy hes helping promote at me and wanting to know who my friend is that works in radio. I said who he was and where he works and hes all “Name and email address” Im all “Why?”

Hes Mr Networking, hes all “Can I mention you? Name Drop?” Im all “Umm, well what do you want? And why?” I finally told him off and said “Look he a good friend of mine, I dont just throw anyone his way, Im not all about hookups and the Bizz” that shut him up. He said “Nevermind, dont worry about it”

I hate people like that.

Im not recommending someone and allowing them to drop my name when i dont even have a clue what they want, if its something I think is cool then sure. But I have no clue what he wants or who this dude is.

I sat outside my Screenwriting class and several guys were talking about Tarantino, and they have no idea how easily I could get contact if I really wanted too, how I sat behind him and listened to him gab. But I have no real need, other then to oogle him or say WOW you are so cool.

But I am looking forward to Part 2 of Kill Bill. 🙂

Okay so what else? B is on his way out shortly, he had a back specialist Dr appt this AM, so hes skipping work and coming to my house early and just asked me online if theres stuff he can do? Like around the house? Aweee, so I gave him stuff to do until I get home.

So they said he had very stiff hamstrings, and hes got a consult and they talked to him about posture, gave him some exercises and physical therapy.

Funny how long ago was it when I took him to my Kaiser and they said Physical therapy right off the bat, but his Kaiser didnt until NOW? Retards, just shuffled him around and put him on pain meds for months.

Class was cool yesterday, I love it. First day of it being a bit more relaxed, this dude talked to me, as our teacher gave us an assignment to go outside, sit somewhere for 20 min and do an observational writing. He kinda asked me where I was gonna go sit, asked me for a pen and we walked out there together, we talked about the class, that it was cool and all.

Hes not super cute, God he must be early 20s? I dont know, but hes just got that sweet innocent, but cool personality, hes writing his screenplay also and just see some levels of similar writing and ideas.

So its kinda nice as the class is starting to bond, the teacher keeps telling me how lucky a class we are for being so small, he cant deal with the classes of 30 students like he does with ours, ours is like under 12.

My girlfriend in FL messaged me today, she had her baby Feb 25, a little girl.

Well I just got off phone with my sister. She said she called our Mom today and apologized for some things of the past and not forgiving, Im glad she did, then she told Mom whats going on and that she just needs our support right now.

I was hoping shed tell Mom, I hate keeping stuff to myself, its nice when we can all be behind eachother.

Thats all for now

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