Music Dude Depressed

Dear Diary,

Well, been talking to Music Dude this AM, he and I havent spoke since around last Thursday. Which is awhile for us. We talk pretty regularly. And I knew he and the girlfriend were going skiing, and things were a bit shakey between them. So I figured they had a good weekend since I didnt see him and all.

So this AM we talked. He said Skiing was great. Then he tells me “Me and girlfriend broke up Sunday night, and I wish she didnt live here, I hate seeing her it makes me sad, I wish shed move out soon” He said maybe by the end of the month. Then he told me “I got fired from my job” and then went on to tell me how depressed he is.

I asked him about the new job, and he said its a commission job. He just made $500 on it, and I knew his old job he hated. So I said “Maybe its for the better?” His boss is a tyrant, and he hates working there, but then I also understand the need for income and to pay the bills.

So I told him if he needs to get away, he can come out and stay, that the kids are gone till Friday.

He said he might take me up on that, he said “Wouldnt it be weird though?” I said “Look I care about you, I know how it is, I know how all this feels, weve both been through this all before and watched eachother, it feels like the end of the world when a relationship ends, but it will be ok, we can go out and do something, meet up somewhere, I dont care, ok?” So he said yeah, not sure that I will see him at all but I just made the offer.

B is going to Vegas this weekend, Ex MIGHT keep the kids over the weekend since I took them during 2 of his days this week, but havent heard the final word from him yet, so if I have the weekend free that will be cool, but dont know yet.

Tonight is class. Ive chilled out with Hots for teacher. I mean hes still cute, but Im not all googly over it, its died down.

So I wanna try and go out tomm nite, maybe see a movie or something, who knows, if Music dude wants to hang out would be perfect night since Im free. We shall see. I also could drive up to B’s tonight after class, but see if Im up too it.

Anyways, thats it for now!

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