Childrens Schedule?

Dear Diary,

Well I could write about my weekend, but I feel so bleh at the moment. Just not all gung ho about my lifes events? Maybe as I starting typing things I will come around.

I did get out with B. Actually friday night, and all day saturday. I came home Sunday around Noon. Had to meet Ex’s Grandpa at my house to get his machinery out of the garage that my ex had their. I had called Ex’s Uncle last week to try and get it arranged, and so it finally got done. YAY!

Gpa showed up with his girlfriends son. The guy that I saw a few weeks ago when I went to visit. Oh man hes totally making eyes at me and super duper friendly. I had no idea he was coming to help, which I didnt have a problem with, but he was all happy to hug me and kept on smiling at me and told me maybe hed come over to mow my lawn(haha not that I asked I do it myself and thats not an issue for me) But Im not gonna complain either.

So it was nice, I got 2 other big heavy items out of here, that I didnt even think his Gpa would take! YAY! Stuff that there was no way I could handle or move. A large BBQ and a old steam engine.

I got my new mattress! I slept on it last night, I so didnt want to get out of bed this AM. Its so high! It makes my bed almost in need of step stool! But its cool. Im so happy to get it and get rid of the old mattress. YAY!

I was just bummed B flaked and didnt come out for the Oscar thing and stay the night and all.

So I had my new bed all to myself on my first night trying it out.

B and I went to Citywalk and Howl at the Moon. Had fun. Saturday we went to Manhattan Beach, hung out while waiting for his buddy to call who he had to go and take some computer stuff too. We got into a lil squabble at the beach. Just that recurring problem of getting somewhere, me not having a clue about a place and really not caring what we do, and him asking me to give him an answer and getting all pissy if I dont. So he got all cold and jerky so I said STOP, while we were on the pier and we had to have a talk. This keeps recurring, and its just so old. Im tired of it, and so its basically him basing things off things that have happened in the past between us and assuming I feel as I did in the past, and then being all critical and basically telling me how I dont like this or that, how he is trying to please me cause he doesnt want to hear me gripe about it later, blah blah blah. And me on the other side telling him “IM FINE” Im not upset, this is cool, Im ok with it, if Im not Ill say otherwise ok?

On Friday night at dinner I finally told him “STOP” while he was spouting off about me, and I said “You label me and its really pissing me off, you set an evening up to fail, criticizing me for something I havent done but you think I will do for say, then my mood is shot cause Im put down”

So when we were on the pier talking I was getting so annoyed feeling like it wasnt going to get anywhere, wanting to just walk away from B. But I didnt, and we did come to a sort of resolve. He apologized, and I told him he needs to ASK and not ASSUME, regardless of what has happened in the past, that this is now, and things have changed in some areas of how I deal with him.

So I hugged him, we just stood there, he was nice and we got through that hurdle.

I got a killer stomach ache as we left, I literally thought I was going to die, the cramps were so bad and I needed a bathroom BAD. So B was super sweet and found me a grocery store. Im sure it was the alcohol from the nite before. I had 2 drinks, but I have noticed some alcohol really upsets my stomach the day after I drink. Which sucks, so no repeating that drink again.

So he was all cool about that, which you know, when your out with your partner, and you basically have to find a toilet and cant function to well and its in the midst of your day out together and hes totally kick back, easygoing and cool about it and tells ya no problem and just finds ya a place and camps out with a magazine, well I appreciate that. Thats love ya know? 🙂

We went to his friends, totally dweeby computer guys apartment, 3 other guys ended up coming over, these are all guys B hung with in highschool. I had an idea, sorta envisioned what these guys would be like ( Mainly his close buddy cause I always hear about him) But then there is the reality.

Stoner dudes who are all into video games and computer stuff and music.

It was kinda fun though, his buddy was really nice and cool though. The place was a mess and a total bachelor pad. And B is so cute, heehee, just seeing how this guys all look, B is the sexy one of the bunch.

We ended up just goofing off there, stayed for quite awhile due to some partying there and needing to be there awhile so we were safe to drive. So B and I ended up taking a nap in the guys room.

Ran into some probs with Ex and his time with the kids. Basically he tells me he cant get them to their rehearsals for the theatre production put on by the school and he had plenty of notice for it and he didnt read the letter, soooo he brought the kids to my Moms this AM( 2 hrs later then he said) And I will have the kids today and tomorrow night he will pick them back up. Hes a dingaling as usual, but we are corresponding more and its not all accusatory. But Im going to run into probs with him. He even said once he gets a job, hes planning to move to LA, and this schedule with the kids wont work, yet his ideas for a schedule are ludicrous also, So my Mom said just wait till he gets a job before even trying to figure out what hes saying, hes talking right now with no plan.

But I told him I was annoyed. So for those of you who have shared custody and visitations, how do you word and put in the childrens activities? I dont want to pay to put my kids in outside sports or activities if I cannot guarantee my ex will get them where they need to go. He told me his finding a job is more important then their school play and hed rather spend time with them. And Im writing him and telling him this is part of parenting, the kids have activities and obligations, and he wants to set his own rules when he has them, and doesnt pay attn to what they already are doing. So feedback from others would help?

Well Im gonna scoot for now,


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