Whiney Kids? Help!

Dear Diary,


My little one was being a total pain this AM before school. I feel so bad. I feel Im on him too much. I feel like Im scolding him too much. And Im really at a loss of what to do with him. Example, here is the AM with him.

He is 7 mind you. Kids are up getting ready for school and bickering. I often have to separate them in the AM, make one go have breakfast, while the other does his hair, gets dressed, so they arent together.

So they were both in the bathroom doing their hair at the same time and getting into a conflict over it. I asked my oldest to step out and go do something else. I then told my young one to also clean himself up with a washcloth as he was a little dirty from the night before. He just stood there, put his arms out and begin to whine and put his head down. I said “What?” Since I couldnt even make out what he saying. He says “But then I wont get to eat breakfasttttt” in a whiney tone. I replied “And why not?” He said “Because my brother will eat it alllllll” Ugh! He gets all overly dramatic. I said “NO? He wont eat it all?” Then he said having to wash himself would take too long and make him not have enough time to eat. I seriously cant stand this whiney garbage and I said “Well your right, if you keep standing there whining you wont get to eat, your wasting time right now” and I walked out and he went and did what was told.

So Ive told them over and over, to have their backpacks ready by the front door each night. And what does he do when I say ITS TIME TO LEAVE. Hes on the floor, no shoes on, pulling papers out of his folder and laying them all over the floor. Im like “Its time to go!Get your shoes on” and he just ignores me! I had to take the backpack from him which was huge and heavy. And he couldnt find his jacket. GRRRRRRRRR So I open his backpack to find about 12 books from his Home book collection in there. I took them all out and said he could not take all these, some were large and hardback, some were magazines, and I took them all out and found a bunch of toys also in the bottom of his backpack and a Dollar bill. I took the toys out and said he can have one book and thats all. What does he do? Gets overly dramatic and doesnt put his shoes on and says “BUt my brother has 2 books in his backpack no fair!” UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I seriously hate this whiney stuff and he doesnt shush. My oldest doesnt do this with me. But my youngest? OH BOY!

So we get in the car to leave for school and he couldnt find his jacket which I was sure was in the car. And he whines that I sent him out the door with no jacket on( And there it is in the car where he left it) Then I question him where the $1 came from, Oldest said “It was from Dad for lunch” I then said to him why didnt you pay them, he claims its not the same dollar so I ask him where he got it. He said its been in there for a long time. I didnt buy it. I think my youngest is stealing money. He has “Found” several dollars on the playground, then he comes home from his Dads with Dollars. Which I thought their Dad gave them to him, but why would his Dad just give HIM money and not his brother. And Ive questioned him about it, after one trip he came back with a $5 bill and I asked why he got this and his brother got nothing. Then this AM he denied the $5 was from his Dad and that he found it at school. GRRRRRRRRRRR

So now hes changed his story.

I told him I was not giving him lunch money and he had to use that $1 for lunch which he whined about, ugh it was just one thing after another and it didnt stop there. I feel so bad, like I send him to school hating home.

🙁 I need some help with him. At night we sit together and watch home shows he and I and hes all sweet and snuggly and tells me he loves me and hes all into decorating also and loves those shows. Then about 30 min later hes wanting candy and I deny it to him and he goes into his pouty whiney attitude with me and just becomes a total brat. He just totally resists being told No. And Im not a pushover, but he still fights me.

ANd I feel bad for his brother also and what impact it has on him watching his brother constantly get yelled at, disciplined, scolded, told to be quiet and stop talking back. Hes just quiet and there during this stuff.

Anyways, left for work and had to get gas this AM. The brinks truck was there getting money from the outside pump payment machines. I walked in front of the truck and went in to pay. As I walked out I thought the Brinks driver looked like the guy who asked me out Friday at the gym. Well next thing I hear is tapping on the glass. I turn around and hes waving at me. It was the guy from the gym. Hes a Brinks Driver. I smiled and waived.

I walked away and thought “OH God, what if he asks me out again? Was it okay to smile and wave?” see how my mind works? Im not interested in the guy, and I dont want to give the wrong impression. And it seems my friendliness often gives guys the impression Im interested. Im just a Nice person dangit!

Well Im glad the weekend is here. Not sure what I will do this weekend with the kids yet.


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