Recap of Sat

Dear Diary,

I took the kids out this AM to redeem their Store certificates, so they are both happily playing with MORE new toys. And they were quite thrilled. Items were on clearance and items they may not have been able to buy before they now could. So that was really cool.

I stopped by my girlfriend’s Dads house to say Hello. This is my friends Pop, the friend that lives in FL. He is always happy to see me. He just had a cancer scare, Prostate Cancer, but he made it through it.

He showed my kids his toy collections. He was asking me how the divorce was going and we had a talk about the ex and the crap.

I gave the kids the keys to the vehicle to see their toys while I spoke one on one with my friends Dad. We were in the living room facing the street with the door open. Then I noticed a vehicle next to mine in the street and someone talking to my kids. Me and my friends Dad came out right away in the yard, and there was me EX. I was a little dumbfounded and feeling caught off guard. I just made my presence known. I didnt recognize the truck either. He got out and held up some fast food. Then gave it to the kids and left. I then saw someone else was driving. For a second I thought “My ex bought a new truck????” How???”

It was just weird. Part of why I hate living near my ex. I didnt know what he was doing.

Was just weird also because I was talking about him then next thing you know there he is.

We then went home. I found something online, it may be another reason WHY my ex wants the other computer. Someone suggested that perhaps theres something on the old hard drive and my ex is afraid of me finding it. I spoke to B about it and he said the hard drive is what was missing, and the old one we had was defective. So that wasnt it. Then I read this today,,,,

This was on a divorce site… a letter

“While still together, his wife put one of those

tracking” programs on their shared computer, unbeknownst to him.

When she left him, she was still able to access his activities from a remote location.

Once he was able to figure this out, he erased his entire hard drive,

but unfortunately, forgot to password protect his internet account.

He merely called the ISP and had her name removed from the account.)

She was then able to access his internet account from a remote location and via a

“password sniffing” program, was able to access all of his free internet email accounts.

(i.e. yahoo,hotmail etc) In addition, he would be chatting on the yahoo messenger

and for no apparent reason, be disconnected with a message “you have been

logged off because this account has been logged on to from another location.” True story.”

Not sure how that works, but he kept insisting he wanted to “FIX” it and give it back. And he ignores my telling him its Fixed and keeps insisting on it. He even had his uncle show up at my door last year for it. ANd I told him it was being worked on(B had it) And that it was taken care of.

I had some dreams last night. About the pastors son from the abusive church. He was a friend to my H and I. We were all close for a time, he was in prison thats when he got saved and we went to visit him while he was there. Later he married and moved in next door to ex and I. But then he moved up to No Cali.

I visited the new church website(where the abusive pastor is now) and its been redone and has a lot of pictures. So I saw what everyone looks like now. Even the son, his wife and their 2 children. And the pastor and his wife. These people were over 10 yrs of my life. We were very involved in that church.

I sent pastors son and family a card for christmas, I put my email in it also. I havent spoken to him since around Dec of 2000. Im sad about that. 🙁 I really liked this guy a lot and respected him (Not his father)I just wonder if my Ex has gotten to them, 🙁

He did call the pastor a few times after we split. I got the phone bills. Ex came and stayed here one weekend with the kids while I left.

Anyways, I just dreamt about him. I looked at the pictures of him on the site, and I once again saw the physical similarities between B and him. They remind me of eachother in many ways. And well I always admired and respected pastors son. And then I fall in love with a man who resembles him in some similar ways and lookswise.

I also got a late card the other day from my girlfriend in Wa. She still didnt send her phone #! Grrr! We havent spoken since my ex and I split and she didnt even know! We were both in the abusive church, both married by the pastor and we were both in eachothers weddings and were both pregnant with our first child together. She and I went back to Highschool and attended the same Baptist church where I got saved. She was attending the Christian school. And weve been friends since. But havent had much contact. She said she would call me later, as she has a lot on her plate right now.

I also havent heard a word from my girlfriend D. I have no idea what happened??? And Im worried. But I know she will call if she can or needs some help. I just wonder if her ex got her kicked out and custody of the kids with an Ex Parte. I wonder if she retained my attny also, and if she was able to come up with the money to do so.

I tried calling but only get their answering machine. I just wish shed call me with an update. 🙁

Well B is sick with a cold and sore throat. Im just hanging out at home, and was busy assmebling toys today for the kids.

Later all!

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