My Therapist is Leaving :(

Dear Diary,

Well I went to my Domestic Violence support group tonight.

Mind you Ive been going on a regular basic since early last year. Although I first visited it way before that for a brief time then quit going. I returned once I separated and my Ex’s behavior was scaring me.

Ive seen this place go through so many changes! All these new moderators and groups and therapists came in. We had so many groups to go too! I went and loved it all and learned so much from them!

Anyone who has read me knows this!

So earlier in the year the guy moderator I learned so much from left.

A few mos ago my advanced group leader left and in her place was put my therapist i see for one on one counseling.

Tonight she announces she is leaving in 2 weeks.


She has said they told her they would find a replacement, but as of yet she has nothing to tell us. The place moved with the New Year and its almost the end of the year and all the programs and just dissapearing. She cant say why, its all the behind the scenes stuff of the place. But its truly sad. And this woman did so much, shes the only person for the free counseling, she also does the childrens groups. And an sexual abuse group.

We were sad today, but know change must come. I guess im wondering what will happen next. Since this has been a pattern and things arent getting better there. Only 4 of us were there tonight. I got one other ladies phone number and another ones I already had. I told them Im going to start having a movie night if they want to come. They were both interested. Heck I dont care if we sort of have a girls nite if our group doesnt meet any longer at my house for the ones I know and have been long timers. A night at my house to just hang out and talk like we do at group. We are all in the advanced group. So we have completed 18 weeks of the basic groups. Its pretty much people who have left their abusers.

So I will have to get my list together of all the numbers Ive saved. Theres a few I so wish I had numbers too! So we shall see who shows up for the last session next week ;(

I hugged the therapist tonight. She said to me “My number is in the phone book ok?” So she wants to keep in touch. 🙂

Also a bunch of us ladies from the Website Im a part of for abuse have made a chat room to meet in on mondays nights as opposed to just message board posts. 🙂

Im thinking of having a little christmas get together! Like having an ornament exchange, yummy food, and just good times, talking and laughter. Hmmm I got some planning to do! I need to get out my list tonight and see how many numbers I have of the ladies from group!

Oh so this means no more one on one free therapy. Ive been so blessed though! To go almost this whole year with free counseling!

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