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Dear Diary,

I did forget to add a few things. He said that he was tired of dating and that he has tried and tried to make it like it was with ME with others. He also asked when the divorce was final. I said it takes 6 mos and he blurted out a date in Oct. Right away. Like he already knew, and the day was his birthday.

My mind has played through so many scenarios you cannot even believe.

One being him returning here, unemployed, seeking to see the kids more and turning the situation around on me and manipulating them to live with him so I have to pay him.

Another one, since he is staying at a relatives right now. Which the one he is with is a very interesting choice. They have a very strong love/hate relationship, she is a White supremecy type chick with a son who is in her mid 20s and she always has yelled at him and hit him when he pestered her. So I found it odd to hear thats where he is staying. BUT, this part of the family ( his 2 male cousins) were working for their Grandfather under the table and ex and one cousin talked a few years ago about working together. So I just wonder if hes going for that angle also since he wont have to report income, but thankfully Im aware of this business and if need be can track down more info.

But another thing about my ex, he is convincing for a short while, but he will grate on peoples nerves soon, and especially in a family situation. My mother said last night. “He is a well skilled man at what he does, but he has no people skills, that is his downfall” My mom said his ego has also gotten very huge, because of his career, he feels he is worth big bucks now and has a real pride ego thing over what he does.

I wonder if he is REALLY going to try and sue this company. The boss is a christian man and very level headed. I went through enough things last year to hear of how he handled ex, and the company actually takes in troubled street kids and trains and will work with them. So not just any company does that unless they are prepared I would like to believe.

Another scenario is my sister, she lives in the same town as this cousin. Its the one relative he has called since we have been apart. And I just dont get that part of my sister. She told him last year he could live with her, which even the ex said that was just too weird. And she told him that she still loves him and all this crap. Which is fine, but if she goes and moves him in, OH GOD, I cant even imagine. I would really have an issue there, so I wont doubt that he will end up calling her up if he hasnt already. THankfully between my sisters mentally ill son who shes stressing over, and raising her step daughter and adopting her step daughters half sister just recently, she has a lot on her plate, so I just pray she doesnt get into this.

So yes a lot of things go through my head. My sisters ex quit his job when she was trying to leave, he made a lot of money but it all worked out where she lost everything and she had to pay him. So Ive seen the situation turn around.

Just putting some thoughts out there. Any feedback is appreciated.

I think back on the Nicole Simpson story, I read one of the books from her friend Fay. About OJ’s behavior.

And I hate to admit, there have been times where I have felt like saying or say to myself “If anything ever should happen, you know to look at my ex”

I feel creepy in saying that, but …

Thankfully B has quit the job where ex went looking for him, and he will be moving soon also, but I dont believe ex had any clue since he rented out of someone elses home, but he could have the kids lead him if he wanted to, they know the way.

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