Free To Love

Dear Diary,

I was feeling so terrible last night. Sick. And my neck pain has been terrible at nights. I cant get into any position that doesnt hurt and I was out of Tylenol.

My Love called me from work. It was nice to hear from him during his break. But I was feeling so awful. I wasnt much for chatting but just loved hearing his voice.

I laid in bed, waiting till he got off work to call me. I couldnt fall asleep, the side of my neck, head and even my arm were hurting. I just wanted to cry but if I did it would make me feel even worse.

He called finally. I told him how badly I needed a bottle of tylenol, a massage and a hug.

So what did he do? He drove out around 1pm, brought a bottle of Advil, and massaged my neck and shoulder area until I could get comfortable enough to lay flat again. It was so relieving, so comforting to have him there. He just sat up in the bed with me face down in his lap resting my head on his upper thigh.

He was so sweet and caring and good to me. He told me how good it was to see me. We quickly went to sleep, I had work in the morning.

When the clock went off in the morning I realized I had slept straight thru without waking up. I always sleep well when hes around, it was nice to sleep and not be in pain and having someone to hold me.

We snuggled up together before I had to get ready for work. He felt so nice, so calming. I didnt want to leave him. I looked at the clock, I had about 15 min pushing it to get ready for work in time.

I reached around and grabbed him. I told him I couldnt resist. I felt so much better, and I craved him. So we had a morning quickie, and I had to get up and get on my way. Leaving him in my bed all wrapped up in my blankets.

This weekend he said we can go to a party in Hunington Beach. I sure hope I feel better, but I do plan to go.

Im free to Love him now, its scary.

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