Weekend with B

Dear Diary,

Hello 🙂

Well I had a nice weekend. Friday night B had to work and was working about an hour north of where I live. So I said if he wanted they could drop him off on his way back and Id bring him home sometime during the weekend. He sounded iffy about that since he carpools and it was going to be around 1am and he wasnt driving. So I just figured hed come up Saturday. I just hung out at home Friday night. Ive been going to bed on average around 11:30pm which is early for me lately.

Well at almost 1am B called and woke me. I figured it was him saying he was home and goodnight. But he said “So is it ok if I still come over?” I was all Sure, half sleepy head voice. So he said hed be there in 20 min. And then I had my sweetie pie in my bed next to me. 🙂 YAY!

You know when he is here with me it feels so good. Its such a comfort. Its also very calm, I think thats the part Im starting to adjust too. I keep feeling like it should be more action packed, and not flow so easily. One just gets used to there former way of life and think when things dont operate a certain way something is wrong. Just because B and I can snuggle up and lay around and be quiet together. Doesnt mean anything is wrong if we are quiet. I guess stillness at times makes me wonder. HA, trying to live drama free when its all you have known is an adjustment.

I informed the kids B came over and they were totally cool about it. We all had french toast for breakfast, B and the kids layed around on the couch watching cartoons, then he and I went back to the bedroom to lay on the bed and watch the other TV. We watched a Final Days of Elvis show on E. Kids went off to play. B and I just relaxed. I fell asleep briefly next to him. He rubs my arm tenderly or just touches me often, which I greatly love since generally that is the way that I am in a relationship. So I think we both provide that touch we both love.

We then headed off to my work for the movie showing. The kids were squirly as usual, so they got into some trouble during that. But it was just nice to be with B in a public sense in my world. Only one of my coworkers was there other then the bosses, other then that just personal friends of theirs.

We watched Star Wars Episode 2. I hadnt seen it yet. So that was perfect. I loved Amidalas wedding gown in the wedding scene. It was gorgeous. Sorta like the visuals I have of one day getting married again style.

We then watched a bunch of old trailers, Laurel and Hardy and Betty Boop. We could have seen more but it was getting late. B said he really enjoyed it and would have loved to have stayed longer. I told him “next time” when I dont have the kids, I normally dont bring them but they love Star Wars so I had too. 🙂

Got home and relaxed. B played on the computer and talked to one his buddies online who was asking when he gets to meet me. I really would love to meet B’s old friends from his childhood and high school days. I have went through his hometown area a few times, his moms place, hes shown me his schools, and we ate at a hangout once he loved which I thought was really cool.

We laid in bed and ate Popcorn and watched the Anna Nicole show and laughed. B said he wanted to slap Bobby Trendy for being “Sooo gay” lol. If you havent watched the show that guy is a crack up. I can still hear his voice in my head saying “LUXUIROUSSSS!” and tossing his leopard scarf over his shoulder and pushing his bangs up.

We then passed out about 11pm together. Hes such a snuggler and I love sleeping with him.

I cancelled going with Mom to the Civil War reinactment. And I opted to go with B and kids to Ventura. I had been wanting to check out some antique stores down there for sometime now. So we went! Packed up lunches for all of us and took off. I knew there was a really cool park by the beach near this area so I figured we go to the antique shops, then take the kids to play and B and I hang out on a blanket and we can all eat.

It was kinda cool walking around the Main street. All cute and busy with shops. B and I holding hands. THe kids were all squirly there also. So that dampens your romantic mood, but hey life isnt always about romance. But B said “we need to come back and stay down here a couple days” We spotted a cute little restaraunt in a house we would love to come back to and a bed and breakfast. So B started talking about us coming back. I said “Well hun we need the funds first!” and hes all “Oh well thats why we win big in Vegas!” haha

I found the park! Which I had an idea where it was, it was a place my Ex discovered and I always liked going to, just sucks I never paid attention and he did so much of the driving when we were together. But I found it on my own! YAY ME!

The kids took off to play. They have a big ship right on the beach with a cable and dangling rope for the kids to hang on and slide down. Its really cool. And then a regular play ground. And its all RIGHT by the water so everything is close, its clean and in a little housing community. B said he really liked the place also. So we laid on a blanket and talked. He then read me some of his journal, and he then handed me his screenplay!!! YAY! He said i couldnt read it till it was done but he opted to let me and was all critical saying it sucked. Well I loved it! It was just getting started and it was all he had written so Im like OHHH whats gonna happen next tell me!!!! The only part I didnt like about it was seeing his buddys love interests womans name in the story as the chick the main character hooks up with. B had asked me awhile ago to give him a name and we put one down. And now he said that this chick said she wanted to be in the story so B said “Ok you wanna be the bad guys girlfriend” and he changed it. Sounds silly but I was just bleh about it but didnt say anything, its nothing to freak over, I just personally didnt like it was all.

B has based the story from an actual event, but then changed and made a story that is fictional also. There are parts of reality mixed in, it was interesting to read since the main character is based after him and is quite accurate depiction of B. And just scenes and events matched him well and I could visualize so much.

We laid around, talked, laughed, snuggled, it was nice, the headed out around 5. We took B home and hung out for about 30 min then the kids and I headed home.

I passed out last night. B did with me on the phone said good night.

It was a nice weekend. I was laying on the blanket at the beach and had my eyes closed as he was talking and remembering the time last year he took me to the beach and had me sit on a rock and close my eyes and he handed me that note. That was the weekend I was to fly out and see my Ex. And B drove me to the airport. How wild is that? Here I am still trying to work things out with my ex and visiting him and B taking me to the airport. And then my ex goofed on plans, so I just ended up staying the day with B since the kids had a sitter. B took me to the beach and had me close my eyes. Put a note in my hands that I was intended to read while on the plane. It was just a very sweet and romantic moment with him. And I shared the memory with him yesterday as we layed there. I said “We have had some really cool and special moments you know that?”

Well I drove to work this AM and was listening to the radio. They were talking about marriage. When you get married and about a person not changing, that you should take the things they do that irritate you and multiply them by 50 because that is how it will be once you are married.

The cohost was talking about a man she had been with that had some traits she wasnt to fond of and the DJ was ribbing her, but she said “Yes but I didnt plan to marry him” and I thought of B.

Its like he has a load of things I dont like that he hasnt dealt with. And at this point I cant accept them in a marriage living together sense. I know I couldnt, but I enjoy being his girlfriend. I enjoy the time I do have with him. I guess for me to want to go to a further step things would have to change.

B quit his job on Friday, the part time coffee shop. So he said he would be looking for a job again starting today. So we shall see what happens.

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