Ill fax them NOW

Dear Diary,

Well I drank half a Pepsi so now Im all jittery! I dont drink much caffiene so I feel it when I do. EEEKS!

I just called attny office about the support. He is to pay me on the 1st and 15th and I asked about the wage assignment question. She said “Oh that usually takes about 8 weeks” I said “Well my last attny was supposed to have submitted that paperwork to the courts” So she has to check to see if it was done, so I said “So is he supposed to pay me in the meantime?” She goes “YEP!” and said she is faxing a letter right now to his attny. Dang lol Im so not used to this! They are on things like THAT. And to think I spent last year not really ever getting paid what I was supposed to be paid and my attorney office(old one) Doing crap about it! No wonder I was such a mess!

My mom was telling me the other day how things dont happen by chance. How it was a blessing my old attorney placed me with this one, and in a strange way how if my In Law hadnt started all the wacky accusations, well I wouldnt have been referred to this other attorney, and Id probably still be nowhere, and paying more then needed. 🙂 I have an appt next tues at the attorneys office I guess to write up a proposal for all of the financial stuff! So I gotta prep things before then to take in.

Lets pray by the end of this year everything is settled Legally! And my divorce should be final around the holidays! 2003! My new year will be even more freeing for me! Its on its way!

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