Okay um DUH???

Dear Diary,

Well I sent this letter to my In Law last week.

“My attorney advised me that its best that the children talk


the phone with you and see you when they are with (my exs name). At this time I


not comfortable with you as I do not agree with some of the things that

have occurred and I have lost trust. (My Ex) also stated the same


in mediation and we agreed on them together and this was signed.”

Mainly because she keeps calling my home every week for the kids. (yes if you havent followed my diary she made allegations my kids were sexually acting out and her and my ex tried to harass and scare me threatening trial in court, the day of court arrived and my ex took it all back, told the court shrink he agreed with ME about his Mom, then his Mom called me all sweet that very day saying she loved me?)

So guess who calls yesterday? Her again, Im like Wow she disregarded my letter?

By the way today is In laws bday.

So I just get this email from my ex, with the letter I sent his mom attached and my ex says…

“I don’t understand what is you point? Are you not going to allow the

boys to see my Mom with me around?”


I wrote back…

“My email doesnt say that. Of course they can see her with you around. Read the letter it says “with(exs name)”

“My attorney advised me that its best that the children talk


the phone with you and see you when they are with (my Ex’s name)”

Whatever his deal is, I dont get it. He and his mom were never close during our whole marriage. He has issues with her, then he gripes he is in the middle of things. I didnt send him this email. She did. So she is the one running around and making a stink, and he is putting himself into it. Its silly. Its like my God relax people and stop trying to make things into drama. My attorney just says “In law is irrelevant, dont worry about her, your kids can see and talk to her when they are with your ex, its her son, so let him deal with it” Which I guess the one different element in all this now is… I AM NOT DEALING WITH HER!!! I did it all for him when we were together. Now he is has to be the one to make sure they see her and talk to her, and he didnt when we were married or together, so maybe its his way of shifting blame off onto me? Saying its my fault? Who knows, there all nuts!

By the way, today is In laws bday, and for the first year I am not taking responsibility for it! Im not buying the gifts and cards her son can do. I have no need to, I thought about it briefly, but why on earth am I going to send a card to a woman whos tried to tamper with the lives of me and my children in a negative way?

Its time for my ex to deal with her, IM DONE.

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