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Dear Diary,

Well I moved a big bulk of things out of the office room! I worked a lot yesterday till around 11pm. Then I just sat in here marveling at the space there is now! haha

I am going to leave shortly to go and buy the paint, and start on one of the walls. Im not moving everything out. I want to paint the main wall first where the computer desk will go then I can move everything back to it, and do it wall by wall. My mom cant come help me move some of the heavy furniture until tomm afternoon into the garage, so I figure Ill just do what I can. Im anxious to set up my new computer desk and hang things on the walls! The room is gonna be soooo cool. And I think it will actually make a great hangout room. I want to put the other color tv in here also.

I did take some before photos, but Ill post those later with my progress. I will still have to buy new curtains for the slider, which will be a big part of the look of the room since that takes up a bulk of one wall. And I have a display case I want to paint also. But Im proud of the progress I made!

B finished the bulk of his Jeep work! He was so happy and got it started. He is kinda in his own zone at the moment. I felt a little needy for attention, but I had to have a talk with myself, about him needing this time and how determined he was to get that Jeep fixed and now its becoming a reality. So this weekend I am not sure we will see one another, he works tonight, hes going to do finishing touches on the Jeep mon, tune up and all that. And me Im working on this room, but I will say if he invites us out or something tomm, I think I would go. 🙂 But we shall see.

So my kids went to this big Wild West VBS at the big church out here. They had a big production, cowboys greeting cars in the parking lots, pony rides, jumper houses, live animals, a whole western scene outdoors with haystacks and all. And the kids dressed up western and had a blast going all week. Well this is the church I had been attending for awhile that I wrote about. VBS is just a week summer thing open to the public for children during the summers that is free.

Well I kid you not, today I had 2 different sets of young adults at my door knocking. Ugh, I mean this church is bad enough, they hit door to door often, and Ive even talked with them twice. But they keep returning. So today I was in the shower and out naked in a towel and heard the door and peeked out. I noticed the nicely dressed young man in a tie and the girl in the long skirt and I knew where they were from right away, so I didnt answer. WELL THEY DIDNT LEAVE!! I was waiting for them to go away and being quiet. But they just stood there. I peeked thru the blinds, and I believe they were praying, which is sweet and all, but also when a person doesnt answer, dont keep at it.

They left in a truck, they specifically came to my house only! Then no joke, 5 min later 2 girls knocked at my door from the church!! Im like what on earth! So I was left a second track to come to the church.

You know Im all for sharing the message of Gods love, but this gets annoying. As I cleaned my office last night I found the booklet I saved from their church service, the one that made me go “EH” to the church, I just went to a small bible study not the main services after I heard about a lot of their beliefs.

Here is a sample…

And yes this is in a booklet I got there.

“I will abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, I will not participate in worldy parties or dances, I will not attend rock concerts or other activities which are detrimental to my faith, I will not attend the movie theatre or take part in other activities that could appear ungodly, I will not listen to worldly music such as rock, rap country, etc.”

So Id flunk out anyways there.

This church is HUGE, mega place, and they keep adding on and have a college and a school on campus. Anyways, just makes me wonder how many of these people that go there live by all those principles? Or are they walking around hiding it and feeling major guilt and shame? Cause I used to live that way.

Well I gotta go finish getting ready to head out to get paint, one of the teen girls who was kidnapped was on the news last night telling of the their rescue, the girls attempted to try and kill the man, stabbed him in the throat with a knife and hit him in between the eyes with a whiskey bottle shortly before police came in and shot him dead. The girl is truly a remarkable young woman. Very brave, and her parents gave consent for her to speak to the press, shes a minor. Im sure there is more to come about there story of spending 12 hrs with their kidnapper. The girl was crying sharing about how he had a gun to hear head and how when he was shot he was in her lap looking up at her with blood everywhere and his eyes were open, and she started to cry and say she cant get that image out of her head. I cannot even imagine. 🙁

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