Cern, Vatican, Hadron Collider, Tower of Babel

Dear Diary,

My Mind is spinning! Ive learned so much in the past 2 days, need to sit and revisit it all and make notes to condense it all together…

Did you know there is an observatory in Az that the vatican owns the telescopes and is looking for other life forms and their telescope is named “Lucifer” and ancient Indian tribes have filed suit against them over and over, going so far as the UN to try and say this is Holy Land with a portal? A doorway, passed down through oral tradition and why on earth would the vatican want this mountain out of all their choices? So much more to say… but this is just a teaser…

Welcome feedback as these are things knew to me! How have I missed all this?
This is a 10 min video covering the Bible and the Tower of Babel and Cerns Hadron Collider

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