Inmate Crap

Dear Diary,

Well my big sister called me today and said she wanted to read me something. I thought “Oh great her inmate future husband has written”

But that wasnt the case.

She got a letter yesterday from a different man but an inmate in the same prison her son just went into.

She said the writing was all nice and pretty on the envelope, the way the man wrote and dotted his i’s

The letter introduces himself, a 42 yr old on a 16 mos sentence and where he worked and what he did and what he looks like, that hes a christian man. And that he has her son under his “Angel” wing and is taking care of him.

He also said “When are you going to send some financial help to your son while he is on his extended vacation?”

And he sent paperwork to my sister for visitation and included forms for 2. Meaning for her son and for this man.

I was like OH CRAP.

Anyways, my sister said “This is like dejavue, its like the same exact letter but a different man but its the same speel”

I said “Sounds like your son is trying to set you up with men” Anyways she went on about how her son wrote her and hes asked for forgiveness and says hes going to church in this prison now. So of course my sister says Praise God and that just makes her happy.

Ahhh geez. I already talked to B about it. Hes all “Crap, you call your friend who works at the prison and tell him exactly what is going on. I think there is a lot more to this then you realize.”

Why is some man writing my sister, mentioning hes taking care of her son and protecting him, yet wanting to know when shes sending money and asking her to visit him?

My sister said “My son hasnt even been in there long enough to even know this guy himself”

She said the guy also included a return envelope but not addressed to her son but to this guy.

But my sister doesnt believe her son would tell someone about her. Well DUH! This is what happened last time, my sister wrote all thankful this guy is supposedly looking out for her son. Yet she sends him money and was ready and started to send the last dude a money order. Yet he gets out, doesnt contact her, gets locked back up, then writes her and says send me money….

Anyways, its disgusting and I dont like where this is going. So I already put a message to Gym Buddy, but Id really like to put him in touch with Big Sister. B says “Ahh she wont listen Vicky” I said “Well I will still try” He says “Yeah well your a bigger person then I am”

Hes in the negative pessimistic talk (Which was part of my work clinic training film, dealing with those types and how to speak to them) Basically reminding them of things you have done that are to the contrary and letting the negative person know how it worked for you.

Anyways, my sister said shed call me tonite, not sure if I will answer if Im prepared to talk further. I want to get more info or something to be prepared to talk to her about this stuff…..


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