Reminder of Why Im not with Ex

Dear Diary,

Okay so tonight my youngest had a talent show at his school. This is a little private school.

It was all christian type songs, patriotic stuff, kids memorizing things from our fore fathers, red white and blue, you get the idea. All dressed nice.

So my youngest calls his Dad earlier to invite him, he says Maybe he will make it.

Well youngest sang at the very beginning and had a part, ex didnt arrive, he got there about about 45 min late, youngest went over and sat with him, I had to run and get oldest before it was over from his friends, then I get back to the church and its over. My Mom came also.

Well as I walk outside I get a look at my ex. So heres the visual folks of my ex husband…

35 year old man with a shaved bald head, long bushy goatee, earrings, wearing a white tshirt with the phrase “They are laughing at YOU” on it, wearing a PLAID KILT! YES A KILT! and flip flops!

Okay so, I was just talking to Adored, my ex is best described as the “Poser” type, when I met him when we were dating he was a wannabe surfer, tan, he bleached his hair billy idol yellow, he work Flojos, those surfer pants with bright colors, billabong and all that stuff, UG boots, carried Sex Wax for surf boards in his truck, Oakley glasses, AND HE NEVER SURFED!

So you get the idea?

Ugh, and he told my 9 yr old he would get him a Kilt also!

Okay this is the kid who is picky about what shoes he wears, his hair, and hes interested in a KILT? I already have been hiding the shirts their Dad bought them with the smart mouth phrases on them cause to be honest I dont like them. I am trying to raise them to be decent young men, and hes introducing rebellion via fashion to kids who dont even think that way yet want to do it cause Dad is.

Im so GLAD im not married to him and he constantly reminds me by this crap of how lucky I am I got out years ago. THANK YOU LORD!

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