Neighbor Trespassing

Dear Diary,

I just caught that kid behind my house in my backyard and taunting my dog.

Im so pissed off right now. My dog didnt bark either, I was luckily in the office and heard a kid calling my dogs name. My dog usually would bark and bark at this kid if hes on the wall. But he didnt, he whimpered at me around the door. Which concerns me, my mom said probably because there were kids on the wall(he had friends this time)

As I wrote before, I find trash in my yard often and its snack wrappers, at the backside, the boys mom said the wind blows it in?

Um yeah the wind is blowing only snack kids type wrappers, pepsi cans and chlorine balls?

Also Ive found other various odd things.

My neighbor already busted the kid in his yard a few mos back, and so I sat there watching, they were watching my dog, then he dropped down and looked to pick up something. I was hoping the kid would jump back in his yard, but then he turned around and was taunting my dog, then I opened the door and told him to get out of my yard, that if he drops something to come to my door and ask for it.

Ive already been through this, the mom was spitting on my dog once and I called her on it at her front door.

She lied and denied it, luckily my back slider is tinted so they cant see me and I have watched them.

So what do I do? I call the police and then what? Make a report? I dont want them to get worse.

I get my brick wall extended? But kids can just climb up higher right?

Set up a video camera? Wonder how much that will all cost.

Like I said, we had the boxer puppy who got sick and just could not keep food down and lost weight and seemed to have trouble eating and went downhill in a couple weeks. I wonder if she was poisoned or anything.

Its just not a comfort when you have people who you have gone to the parents but caught the parents messing with your dog over your wall too…


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