Omgosh Im so tired, Its 9pm and I want to pass out, Im irritable, its the sun fatigue from the beach. I havent worked on my assignment due at 2pm tomm.

I HAVE TO DO IT, I can work on it at work too, Im just so tired……….

No more classes for me for awhile, I just cant handle all this.

My little one said to me tonight “Mom do you get crabby?” I said “Heck Yeah!” and then said how hard it is and I cant just go to my room and be left alone when I am, I have to take care of them and said “Yeah and then I have to help you guys do homework while Im crabby” My oldest came out and hugged me and said “Sorry Mom” I said thanks, and the little one smiled, I didnt say it in a crabby way, we more joked about it, jsut that its not easy all the time….

I tried to fit in a fast nap before getting kids and skipped the gym, fell asleep about 10 min before the alarm was to go off, DARNIT…

Im tired,

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