Rainy Day

Dear Diary,

Good Morning. Well Im up early on a Sat AM, woke up at 8am. Hey thats still sleeping in for me though.

I got out of work yesterday, it had been raining here all day, as I was driving I called B with an idea, it was 3:30, I asked him when he was leaving? Did he want me to drive down? He said they were leaving soon, but then said I could come down and we could go to eat down there, I said okay and hopped on the freeway.

Okay probably not the most brillant idea of mine. Due to the weather, but I made it safely. I have just been feeling for B with the commute and the woman he rides with. Shes been driving him nuts, she blares country and sings out loud, very loud he says on the drive. When he sleeps its fine, but shes even been waking him up.

So they are together too much, commute to and from work and her desk at work is next to his also, its too much time together and its starting to show. So I wanted to help him out and give him a break.

So I made good time considering I hit traffic and it rained the whole way (I saw 6 accidents on the freeway!)

So I picked him up and we went to eat at the Corner Bakery. The plan was to eat local at a place we have never gone to but my boss ended up treating us to lunch from that very place friday! Grrr lol, not that I minded but I was full still when I left work and the thought of a large meal again from there didnt sound yummy.

So B and I split a soup and sandwich there, and it was perfect cause we had a $10 Chili’s gift card which is also good at Corner Bakery! YAY! So it cost us 80 cents to eat. Then we went and got Chocolate! Mmmm at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory, I got 2 Truffles.

We then went to Frys, we were gonna see a movie, but the time slots, well we had 2 hrs till the next showing, and we wanted to pass time so as not to hit bad traffic, so we instead went to Frys, its where he wanted to go. LOL I swear I just needed chair. Hes a guy and can spend HOURS in there Im sure. Drooling over computer parts and things. Hes funny, cause I just wanna take off, and hes all “No come with me”

I did try out a massage chair in there though, ohhh it did the back of your calves, that was NICE!

So I finally said “Its time to go!” and pulled him outta there. We headed home, still hit traffic but B knows shortcuts and manuevered us around it beautifully!

We got home around 8pm.

And just crawled into bed, watched tv, and he was hinting at some sexual play the way he was touching me, I just kept watching tv.

Well finally I responded, so we had a nice time, 🙂 and laid there watching Office Space and we both just passed out.

So today! Im taking B at 10:45 for a massage. Its the only spot they had all weekend. Its part of his Valentines Day gift.

OH! And last night! I discovered the cieling leaking in the center of the oldest childs room! Crapola! We had trouble with that area the first year me and my ex moved in, it used to be our office room then. Anyways, the swamp cooler pan was bad, and leaking onto the roof and then that was going through and to the cieling of that room, its dimpled as result, but Ive not noticed a problem since, till yesterday! EEEKS! I put a trash can there, but it seems okay for now, the rain has stopped but it still looks stormy out. All the more reason I need to get a new roof ASAP!

My sis just called me last night to ask if I want my tax refund direct deposited again into the same bank acct. HECK YEAH! LOL SO I have to call her today to give the word and Im sure she will get my tax stuff off, since its so early Im sure it will arrive soon, since I usually do get it fast. Just wonder how much it is! I want to pay off a few things and do the roof job.

Well Im outta here for now, I still want to see a movie, B said the Wedding Date, which i was surprised hed see, hes all “That movie is sooo you” 🙂 So fine by me! I had wanted to see the Aviator but he didnt wanna, so fine, he wants to see a chick flick, woohoo!


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