YAY! For my Man

Dear Diary,

Well my Baby just wrote me an email from work. He is now going to be able to go for the Underwriter training class! YAY! He got on the list and had an interview this AM. Which means he will be able to move up, make more $$$. All awesome things! Hes been wanting this for awhile and been passed by, so he has been a bit dissapointed, I knew it would eventually happen it was just a matter of when. So we were writing happy emails back and forth. Im so happy for him. Hes done so well at this job, can make a decent income, has so much potential to move up and make more, etc.

Who would have ever thought? He was placed in this by a temp agency, his direction he was moving in was computers, granted he is on them, but its not his speciality now. Its Mortgages and Loans and stuff like that.

And he went in for one area from the temp agency and they yanked him out of their within a few days and moved him up seeing he already knew how to do what the class training was for. And hes been there ever since! Over a year now.

He went and bought a jacket on sale yesterday at Old Navy. Hes so cute as he rarely buys much clothing for himself, and lately he has been but hes so cute and funny about it. Its like he feels so guilty doing so, yet is so excited and then shares it with me. He doesnt even own a jacket, so its a light one but he said it looks really nice.

Last night he called me around 9:30pm, he just got in from his workout with his buddy, hes been so good now, he calls me even if hes out or with friends and doesnt grumble about it. Last night he was using the guys cell phone and they were gonna walk across the street from the guys place to pick up some food, Im all “Do you want me to let you go?” Hes all “No your just going with me” and hes all asking me how my eve is going and just being so sweet, he was a bit distracted so I said “Hey babe, why dont you guys go eat, you can call me later” Hes all “What you dont want to talk to me while im on my adventure? Cmon babe, this is love right here” I laughed, its so weird to hear him talk this way and hes saying it all in front of his buddy and saying he loves me.

So he also invited me along to go skating at Hermosa Beach with he and his buddy. I told him to go ahead and go, they might go Sunday. That I need to do some stuff at home and its cool if he goes. Hes all “But I want to spend time with youuuu” I said “You will, Ill just leave early on Sunday, I need to do stuff at my house anyways”

I think he was a little shocked as hes trying so hard to include me and felt I didnt want him to go do things with his friends but always with me.

Let them go have their guy time, besides Id like to attempt skating with him one on one first and see if I like it!LOL

And they are gonna go Sunday so it wouldnt work out well either as I have to be home that eve to get the kids so Id be rushed.

Would be cool though to go down sometime, even if I go lay out on the beach and read n stuff while the guys go skate, or if I skate, or what have you.

I was telling my gym buddy about how B has been and hes all “WHAT? Wow????”

Which is what Im getting everywhere.

Its so weird, I had to change some of my own attitude and ways I was handling things, and then we had a talk, and I started to praise and be aware of the positive things hes doing and telling him so, and hes become so considerate and loving, and thoughtful. I mean he was before, but now its like WOW.

I mean Im starting to think future again.

Granted we have couples counseling to tackle,, to cover issues, Like my fears to be with a guy again (Living together, marriage, the kids) and thats what we will cover there and see how it goes.

He calls and asks “How are the kids?” now too.

So yesterday I went by my girlfriend B’s house. I havent talked to her in several mos and her number was disconnected. Well I caught her at home and she yelled my name all excited when she opened the door. Turns out they had two lines, she thought I had the other number as they removed one.

I hung out a little bit but her daughter was home with Lice or something, the drs office said it sounded like body lice, and B was saying she got it from the neighbors and the horror story about it all, I had lice in gradeschool but nothing like she is describing. My mom just did the shampoo and I was out maybe a day or so. Her daughter has been out a week, and even had rashes on her arms and the mom was saying she could see the bugs crawling through her hair and one treatment hasnt killed them yet. So shes about ready to buzz her daughters hair off. Which I would have just done already as shes washing clothes bedding galore and her daughter has 3 weeks of school left and shes missed a week already.

So I didnt hug anybody or touch anything. She and her hubby were also doing some remodeling so the house was trashed and the kids were running crazy all around us.

After that I went home and cleaned the house some then headed to the gym. A bunch of our work out group was there. So it was a nice time, I did the squats on the Smith Machine, so Im gonna be hurting, I can feel it already.

Cute Gym Guy didnt talk to me or say Hi, the day prior he said Hi but he was kinda strange, he seems pissed. Its been 4 weeks now Ive not taken him up on his calls or answered or any of that. So I think hes realizing its DONE, but we shall see. Its just the way it goes, it sucks, but its the way it is.

Im looking forward to my weekend. Kids leave tomm, then I get 3 weekends in a row free! Hes taking them one extra one to make up for time he will miss in the summer.

Well gonna scoot for now..

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