Passion Film and Kiddies?

Dear Diary,

Fucking Dumbass Ex.

My kids called, I called them back, they told me they were on their way down to his Uncles and that they are going to see “The Passion of Christ” needless to say I was not happy. Its Rated R. I want to see it, but from all I have heard and read, a lot of people are literally emotionally upset, teenagers nauseated, etc.

I work in a branch of the film industry, so my employers follow all of this stuff and attend events etc.

I told my kids over the phone “Did you know its Rated R?” neither of the kids knew. They are 8 and 9 by the way.

The little one told Dad its Rated R, and said “Dad we cant see it” He said “Well Im taking you guys anyway, tell your Mom” I was pissed, but what on earth can I do you know? They are with him.

I was upset, I just told the kids that the movie could scare them or make them very upset and I wanted them to know it wasnt for little children, they said Okay and hung up.

I walked up front to the bosses office and I said “Did you see the passion film yet?” He said “No, I really do not plan to but I know enough about it” I said “Well my ex is taking the kids” My boss and the office manager both yelled out “No! Are you kidding?” I said No. I said he just told me hes taking them regardless, that I told him it was inappropriate for their ages. My boss said “Vicky, its 2 hours of violence”

Im not saying its a bad film. Im just not happy with my little ones seeing it is all, not at there ages.

My boss said he would call my ex. I got another cell call and my ex was being all cocky and a dick and saying “You have a problem with me taking the kids do you? Well you showed them Chicago” Okay fucking moron,,, Chicago was not Rated R.” and I told him that this movie is very emotional and violent to the point that people are literally sick by it, adults.

He didnt care, i said my Boss wanted to talk to him…
My Boss called and said “Look Ex, you know I never get in between anything with you and Vicky, so you know for me to call this is pretty big, DONT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE THE FILM”

My ex said he wouldnt, I told ex this wasnt about him and I, that the film just wasnt appropriate but as usual he will do it to just tick me off, which is why the boss calling had more merit as he has done work for them and knows them personally and knows how they are about film.

Whew, now lets see if he keeps his word…

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