Saw Him Eeeeee!

Dear Diary,

I was driving to the kids school this AM. I passed the carwash and there was my ex vacuuming out his truck. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I hate that he is local now. Bleh. I liked it so much when he lived out of state. Its just strange seeing him. Then Im wondering why is he here in town? He isnt living in this town, hes living about 20 min outside of here. And to see him at 8am at a carwash near me was strange. Made me just want to follow him, see if he is working somewhere.

Just called my attny office, Tuesday is the big day for the meeting with me, ex and my attny to try and settle the remaining issues. Im going in 30 min early. Im going with the pep talk and advice from my sister. She said “Tell your attorney your out of money, your not getting any support from him, you dont want this drawn out, GET THINGS SETTLED. Do WHAT IT TAKES.” type talk. She said stress the urgency so they are aware you dont want to play back and forth mouse games anymore. You want this wrapped up, or else just go to trial. No more delays. JUST GET DONE!

And yes Im willing to sacrifice some of my spousal support if thats what it takes to get him to just agree and get his damn name off the house and not say I owe him any money.

So everyone please say lots of prayers! Tuesday is the big day! Its approaching!

I watched 20/20 last night with the Osbournes. Was sad. 🙁 Sharon has colon cancer and she is like the solid peice of the family and they all said how lost they would be without her. Ive been watching the Osbournes since the start and have enjoyed the show.

B called me near 11pm last night. He found out something else wrong with the car, they have to pull his engine out now, so another $200. He said HOPEFULLY he should have it back by friday. I sure hope he does. People are getting tired of running him to work, or else hes gonna have to quit the new job.

I didnt have much to say to him. Conversation lately to me is lacking. Im in the place at the moment of withdrawl. I still talk to him and care for him, but Im tired of doing the work. I want to see what he will do if I do nothing.

So far no word back from people about this weekend :::Sigh::: I want to get out of here. I do have an offer from M in San Diego to stay in the spare room of his Moms but just dont want to deal with the whole guy in close quarters thing at this point. So ehhh to that one.

I could go to my sisters house this weekend. Thats an option, so Ill see. She has cats though, I get allergies there, but I think I just need to get out. Plus the kids would enjoy it. I also havent met her new adopted daughter. They have taken in her stepdaughters half sister. None of the family wanted her and was going to turn her over to the state. So my sister and her husband took her. He is not her biological father. He was just married to her mother at one time.

Well thats it for now,,, later

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