End of Day Stuff

Dear Diary,

Just sitting here relaxing, really need a shower since I was out mowing the lawn and kicked up dirt and dust all over me, Im nasty dirty. My little one is in the bath right now so waiting for him to get finished. Both kids got sunburned while with Daddy. My oldest got his whole back sunburned but today hes less sensitive. You had to be so careful to not touch his back.

The kids are doing pretty good. I just watch them. They were so happy to just be home my mom said today. Whenever they get back from a busy weekend they seem to like a day of just being homebodies, but then their cousins were here yesterday so they had another busy day. So today they just enjoyed being at the house with Grandma, went over and saw Grandpa(my Dad) for awhile, and he told the kids hes going to take them to eat at Dennys, to see a movie and to the park on Saturday! Aweeeee, wow he should be worn out!

I leave friday for the convention. So I will be gone from Friday AM to Sunday eve. No children! B is gonna go with me. Ill be staying at a nice hotel, getting my hair done before I leave, packing all my cute somewhat dressy clothes, my bathing suit. Ahh our own room, and I cant wait to use the hotel pool and jacuzzi! And they are having mixers each night of the convention and fun events. So it should be a great time! Plus learning, haha

I am a celebrity at my house, I have so many calls to make just too tired to talk to everyone, they all want to know how court went and all that.

Im feeling more weird about the B situation. Im feeling more and more the need to keep more distance between my children and my own dating life or any of that. As much as I wish I didnt have to be, I do. I go thru different periods on how i feel about this, its frustrating, at times I dont want anyone around, at times Im angry that I dont have someone around because Im trying to be so Careful in everything, while my ex is the other extreme who flaunts it in my face.

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