Dear Diary,

So much to say, just not sure if I have the time to write it all. Do my best but might have to take breaks.

I got about 2 hrs sleep before Court. I felt better though emotionally when I woke up. My sister drove down to go with me. Sat there from 8:30 till almost noon with butterflies in my stomach. I didnt see my ex at all, and kept watching for him nervous.

Well my attorney came out and spoke with me a bit. He said Ex’s attny hadnt spoken to him yet, which I was there so long I got a good eyeful of how attorneys interact. So here is My Attorney, the attorney mine wants to refer to me to with the child issues, and my ex’s attorney, and some other, all talking about going to lunch. Watching them talk to eachother on behalf of their clients. Its fascinating. My Ex’s attorney is very LOUD, my sis and I said it must be Strategy, She talks loud to her clients on the side so that everyone can hear her, acts dramatic, my sister said she was arrogant. I was given this woman’s name when I was first looking but my friend who works at the court house said her downfall was she gets too emotional in court.

So basically it was a weird day. My attorney found out last MIN from my Ex’s that she Non stipulated the requests. My attorney said “Why didnt you tell me this?” and I could tell he was annoyed. She said “Well my client isnt even here, hes on a plane now, and he wont agree to the mother in law thing”

So basically my ex flew out, took a date on his visitation, acted like an ass, then doesnt even come to the court proceeding? I didnt really understand any of it to be honest. But all I had to do was sign a paper. Now my attorney wants me to switch my case with this other one who deals in childrens issues because my attorney just has a prefernce to not touch anything regarding sexual allegations and children.

He told me I can leave this all alone, keep going forward, but he said “I would not trust your ex and the in law, Something smells fishy in Denmark, the best approach to any of this is an aggressive approach”

So the only thing that was agreed upon was my spousal/child support amount for now. So that is FINALLY documented. Now I gotta see how long it takes for me to GET IT.

My sis and I spent the whole day together, she took me to lunch, she was so sweet. This is my middle sister who is 39 yrs old. My mom watched our kids. We then got back and drove out to the pound. And all the kids were walking up and down the aisles calling our dogs name. My sis and her kids were with us, and they all know the dog because the originally gave him to us. I had one more aisle to go and figured he wasnt there, LAST ROW, 5 from the end! THERE HE WAS!!!! We were all soooo HAPPY! Cost me $75 to get him out, but hes worth it.

He had been in there since Saturday.

I figured out my dog can JUMP my tallest gate! We couldnt figure out how he got out till I sat and watched him because he was already out again and hour or so later after we got home. Hes acting very strange. Hes fixed also, but people are telling me maybe there is a dog in heat around and it can still affect him even though he is fixed. He seems preoccupied and whiney, the dog. But hes back home with us and I had to place things in front of my gate now until I figure out what to do.

My Ex called already for me last night. HA! Wanting me to call him. Screw that. I told him to email me if he wants to talk. Im just dealing with all of these phone calls. I need harder evidence should things go that way, and a email is better proof then me documenting his words. And to everyone, its illegal to record a call, its inadmissable in court. Only way you can record is if you TELL The person you are recording them first off. Guy at the gym recommended I get a recorder, and anytime I do speak and he acts up say “Okay Im going to have to record you now” He said that way I tell him, he can either stop or keep going. He said “Either way, he will talk and you will get it on tape, OR it will make him stop bothering you” I still dont know, Ill have to go look into that further.

So now I gotta come up with another $2000 for this other attny retainer fee. I dont have that much, so Im going to have to talk to mom. I just really hate to ask her, she already lent me the other money for my first attorney. I will pay her back, but right now I cant do much else.

So thats it for the moment. We are gonna have to go back to court for concialiation and the order to show cause next. So this is gonna start racking up on my ex financially, I have to call attny to see how soon till I get the support, and they get the wage garnishment going.

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