When will It Stop?

I grieve some more.

I still hold out a small ray of hope for you. Why?

We came from a deep bond, deeper than most others could comprehend.

Now you are like a lost boy.

I hurt and ache for you, but you are sick.

You have been sick inside for so long. I was your medicine.

I stopped being your drug.

I want to be your Love, not your fix, not your caretaker, not your mother, but you partner.

How much I miss you, how I cry. How I hear a song, see something in store, go into someones home and their are constant reminders of YOU.

Its hurts too bad, I cant shake YOU.

I tell myself to move on, I try to force myself.

Only to end up in the arms of another and cry on the way home after a date because I miss you.

Why? You are not well! Why must I hang on in my heart to you!

How will I be able to start anew with another with you hanging in my memories?

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