Feelings of Hope

Soft Sleep, gentle sleep, take me away.

How I love the hours of sleep.

How I hate the dreaded prelude to some nights of trying to drift off.

The mind seems travel to all of the painful places.

Is it the stillness and quiet that draws us there?

Its the time when I tend to feel the pain and the hurt.

When I miss his smell and want to wear his clothing.

Grieving the Loss.

Why now?

Does it always come in stages like this, go thru periods of being ok and going on with life, others feeling stuck back in the sadness.

Did he understand?

HOPE still trys to tug on my heart, She wont let me go.

Scripture says “in the end these 3 things shall remain, Faith, HOPE, and Love. And the Greatest of these is Love” “Love always HOPES”

Yes my Love has HOPE. But oh beautiful Hope, is she enough? What about the other end of the spectrum. The other doesnt share the same Love for HOPE.

I reach for the Kleenex and wipe away the running eyeliner. I walk around in a sort of numb state today. I want to cry.

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