Love and Pain

Tears Fall

How I miss you

How I wish I knew what this world is about

How I hate pain

How I hate not knowing the future

Thinking of you

It will never stop

Will it get easier? So Im told.

Your arms and shoulders, beautiful

Your hair with my hands thru, wonderful

How my heart aches for you

The same beautiful one is the same one that makes you run and cry.

Why do the ones who say they love you, HURT YOU SO BADLY.

What is worse is when they are blind and troubled and cant even see that they are hurting you.

How you HOPE and PRAY that one day they will be awakened. They will change. Women are their, holding on to their arm, always hoping, always feeling “Could I have done this better?”

Why does love get twisted and made unhealthy? Can you ever gain enough knowledge and do it the “right” way?

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  1. hi again… i am sorry that you were hurt so badly. There is no way of knowing the right way in such situations…

    What do you do when the only one who can dry your eyes, is the one making you cry?

    …im hoping things get better for you…

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