Wow, Im back!

I finally got my acct back up! Ive missed journaling here, much of it private or friends only in the past so much of the more recent yrs is unseen.

So many things have happened, Moving, new home, death of my parents, death of friends, grown children who are estranged/drugs etc

Im in several different states throughout the yr, followed a dream the year before the shut down and got a studio by the ocean and LOVED IT, it was MY getaway place. I let it go as Ca is crazy with everything going on in the world and I just couldnt get back and forth there as often to justify paying for it.

We have a new home in a new state, new small town and love it.

Husband and I are doing well

Miss my Mom all the time, she left us suddenly and with no warning

Im in another state working on old family property/land and where my Dad, grandparents and many ancestors are buried and its thrilling, emotional, touching, centering, scary, all at once

My youngest son has been in using, in and out of jail for DV for the third time, my other one is just shut down and I have no idea whats going on…. not the future I envisioned, I went from having my parents and family gatherings and my kids. To no parents, no “Home” in my hometown to go visit and sit with anymore, more distance with my siblings and adult kids who have been screwed up from the ex and situations they havent divulged completely to me yet.. but they are distant and my youngest can be downright cruel and abusive in speech and then be nice and apologetic (drugs) So its the husband and I these days. No holidays with family,,,

Then all of the world events going on. Im glad we left the big city, I had enough and we were blessed with a wonderful home and city to live in. There are still peaceful small towns, with very little crime, quiet, etc

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  1. Welcome back to DD. I hope to read more diaries from you and am sorry to hear about your estranged family members and your issues with members of your immediate family and kids. Having no communication and problems is no fun whatever. At this time, however, it is nice to hear from you again.

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