Weeds and Stacked up Bodies

Dear Diary,

I just wanted to put this down as a gal Lita shared this on April 12th. It just really hit me…

This was not a dream or vision, not even a ‘word’ but more of an understanding that was very certain. My husband and I have a fight every year about the weeds in our yard. He wants to round-up poison everything and of course I don’t, so our compromise is for me to pull up as many as I can. So there I am pulling up dandelions and hen’s bit which are both not only very nutritious food for us, but very important for the bees this time of year before the other things bloom. I didn’t want to pull them up and kill them, I knew that they were good and lovely and helpful, but I was under orders from the boss. The Ruach spoke to me so clearly that this is how it will happen with us – the soldiers/policemen will be following orders and even if some of them know it’s wrong and don’t want to do it, they will pull us out of our homes and toss us into wagons and cart us off. They will not, can not be gentle; they will be following orders and will do what they wouldn’t otherwise do. There will be no mercy. As I was stacking up the dead uprooted plants, in my mind I saw the stacks of bodies in germany’s camps and realized, it will happen once again, as it’s happened many times in the past.

PS. For those who dont know “Ruach” is Hebrew for Holy Spirit

I went to the Discipleship group at church last night. I had not been in mos and I had only been there once before with Hubby. I have been wanting to go, but often too exhausted the days they have it, and often away or working the store all day that day, up till closing and filthy and ready to crash into bed, so its just not happened. But yesterday I knew I was going, nothing was in my way!

There were 6 of us there last night. I know the guy who runs it, mostly because he and his wife are a big part of the Couples Dinner Ministry. But he heads up this too, and it gave me a different perspective of him going to this, hes a far more deeper man, and has had some amazing things happen in his own life that he shared about a month ago in a service, supernatural event regarding one of their children(wasnt sure if I put that in here or not?) Their child was in a car accident when he was little and he saw Jesus and there was a glow around his bed, all the drs were baffled as he sat up and began to tell his parents he saw Jesus when they walked in the hospital room(the little boy was with his Grandparents when the accident happened) So they talked about the dreadful drive, the crying, the praying out to God and God telling him “Give Thanks” and he wasnt sure what God meant by that as hes driving, “GOd thank the drs? God thank what? God??” so they just began to give Thanks to God in word on their drive there…Super amazing story…

There was another S there last night, a man I met at a couples dinner who sat at our table a few mos ago, he didnt remember me at first till I jogged his memory. We had to pair up in groups of 2 after worship, prayer and going over Luke 24. K is the guy in charge and he was speaking about hearing the voice of God, and how God speaks to us, his Word the Bible, bringing vs to mind throughout the day, dreams, visions, pictures, etc

He said “Do any of you ever have pictures?” and I thought, “no not really” to myself…. then I recalled that isnt true, The TRAIN CARS, which I wrote about in my journal here. I have had recurring things hearing about the Jews in the train cars, Ive visualized the train cars, I was at the prayer/fast service a few mos ago(the one I blogged here about)

I remember just visualizing the train cars at that service and someone came up sharing and using train cars as an analogy, so it once again was like HMMM Lord, train cars.

So I shared with S last night, and he prayed over me. He did share, that he saw me as a Leader and that people are going to listen to me. He said “Take that for whatever its worth, its what I sensed when you shared this” and he told me he and his wife went to Holocaust Museum in DC and talked to me about how people have said their is much similarity today in the US as to back then…. and HOW QUICKLY it all changed in Germany, it happened fast with Hitler.

He has no idea how aware I am, I have been studying, reading, hearing about the state of the church back then. But talking with him I realized my focus hasnt been so much about the Jews in the train cars, its been about the CHURCH, the church while this went on, the church not standing up, speaking out, coming to the aide of the Jews, uniting as a whole, sticking their heads in the sand. How people just complied, went along but kept to themselves for fear of persecution also.

Just more to pray on….

Hubby texted me yesterday, his Mom had his cert birth cert! Woohoo, we are going to get passports. I have no idea where we are going to go next, where God is calling, where we will travel and visit, will we eventually move? I dont know, but I have a feeling we will….

So all I can do is get ready, I also have oodles of baby blankets, that I sell on my website, probably about 5 large tubs full, God spoke to me the other day about getting rid of them then a ministry I heard of a home being set up currently for moms and babies,,, I dont know anything else, I just know today I need to look up this house, see what it is, and then contact them to see if they can use all these baby blankets for the babies…

Also pray for my health, I have been getting a dull ache in my right lower back, right as I left for the trip to Cali I got the frequent urination, run down feel and dull ache, I know that was the symptoms of a UTI coming on, Sighhh not again, and it seems to flare up on long driving trips. I have combated it, bought a bunch of stuff, and then was doing well since Ive been home and the other day the ache was returning, the only thing I did different was eat this cake, for past 2 days, really tasty but I know super bad for me, I eat pretty organic, good ingredients now, the cake was probably all the gluten, high fructose corn syrup frosting, etc. So I threw it away. Also my vision suddenly I have noticed is getting more blurry reading close up, its been happening but I didnt realize it, so I bought some reader glasses and realized how blind I was! And figures all this happens now that we dont have health ins… so please lift me up in prayer, my sis has antibiotics I can use if needed(going to go get some PH strips on the advice of my gf) and she wants me to report back to her how acidic I am.

Or Im just dealing with eye strain from all the computer and book reading time Ive been doing. Im making sure to blink, stop and look around, break it up.

So pray for me! I have some traveling in just over a wk again back home and then to the cabin with Mom and big sis… Ill be away about 2 wks or more.

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