Ugh D is Flipping

Dear Diary,

So Im avoiding the phone again.

D phoned the minute I walked in, I got home later then my norm today, just set my stuff down and she had called my cell then house phone. Okay I spoke to her this past week and she said things were really good with she and her hubby and they went on a trip and had the honeymoon they never had.

Now today things are really bad, shes trying to figure out how to search AOL(shes very computer illiterate) and insisting hes talking to women. Yet she cant even navigate the damn thing. I told her where she can look for recently deleted email, his fave places, etc… but anyways,shes all “What do I do?” Im all “D you know what to do” Shes all “I do?” Im all “If this is too much for you then leave” she said “Well i believe people have problems and arent they supposed to work them out?” I said “Yes people do but you guys get into name calling and violence”

Shes all trying to search and tell me all this with her kids present. She says to me “Come over I need you” I said “Im making dinner I just got in the door, Im starving”

She wants me to come over and search the computer for her cause “I know this stuff”

She then had to go. I make dinner, I sit down, kids are doing their homework, I kid you flipping not, she has called my cell phone 3 times, home phone twice. She left a message and is asking for B to come over tonight to help her search this aol thing.

(I already told B that she is tripping again as he called a bit ago)

I mean you dont keep calling me like that unless its an emergency. This is just ridiculous shes literally like in this obsessive state over it and its like I just cant take it ya know?

I just cant take her marriage drama anymore. B said “Ohh listen to you, your all jaded now” I said “B well for one, Ive been there done that, and the other part is you can only listen to a person so many times and offer help and they do nothing with it, all she seems to want to do it dump and get all dramatic and then shes done, she doesnt want help, she ignores that part”

And he agreed as we have had her over, hes talked to her too.

To be honest Im a little pissed off over the continuous calls when I told her I just got home and was making dinner, to call me 5 times is overkill….

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