Dear Diary,

Im still depressed over the stuff at my parents that I cant find. Mom called tonight and said tomm morning we will go through the one dumpster and transport it all to see if anything is in it.

My scrapbooks, and really, the one poster is my heartache. A really really nice autographed Depp poster. It makes me so sad.

I thankfully have most of my important collectible half of the collection here, but there were still other things there, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Sniff sniff

I keep hoping maybe he stuck something somewhere but I know with the two items at the bottom of the empty dumpster, he did toss stuff and my mom said trash day was tues…. so its long gone.

God I cant believe he did that.

You know, the weird part is? My Dad is the HOARDING type. Hes horrible and his mother was super terrible, she threw nothing away, her house was a pathway thru it cause it was stacked to the cieling, which is part of the reason why we can still find stuff in that darn house to this day, papers, even though she died in 1965 and the house has sat ever since.

My phone hasnt rang, I havent been calling D. I havent been calling big sis but shes working anyways. But now Mom is back to talk to.

Dang I would love to sit and write a bunch but Im so preoccupied with this house and what I could be doing now, working on cleaning out. Kids are in bed, B is at Ju Jitsu….


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