Dear Diary,

YUCK. Its a hot one today.

Just got in from getting the oldest at school and then stopping at Home Depot. Picked up some fertilizer and a Oleander.

I have never fertilized my lawns so its about time.

So B is on his way to Utah with my Dad! Ahhh what a good guy. I mean he just said yes, no problem and took the day off. He said “Well its to benefit you”

So these are those moments where despite all the crappy stuff, you see the good things and ways he does show his love and care for me.

So it will be interesting to hear how it all goes. Hanging with my Dad all this time. So they will stay the night at my dads cabin in St. George, Utah.

B should be heading home tomm. But we shall see how it all goes.

Well I had my Jeep towed this Am to the mechanic, well it turns out the clutch pedal did break. Yikes, its gonna be over $300 to repair and wont be done until next week as the part is coming from out of town.

But B will be bringing back my Dads truck so that is cool. I will take mom back her truck later after I get youngest then she will drop us off at home in her car. Mom loves her truck and she hasnt had it all week. Said she needs to go buy a new ladder and some plants.

So shes let me use her truck all week which has been very cool of her.

I then went to the gym this AM and went to “Muscle Camp” as its called. I used to attend this class YEARS ago, like when I was with my ex. Omgosh I kicked my butt! Yikes. An hour long class, we work arms, legs, back, abs, oh boy I was shaking pretty much.

So I went to the gym yesterday and did cardio and arms, I couldnt even bother with cardio after class as I was just exhausted. So I think that will be my new plan, to start attending classes again at 9am on Thurs and Fridays.

Ick seeing myself in shorts in those long mirrors in the room for the class. ewww. I just hate that cellulite upper back leg look, bleck.

And Ive put on 4-5 pds since I stopped going to the gym. So want to get back into where I was at least.

I stopped at Target, got a few things, and then got home, Mowed the front lawn, raked, pulled some weeds and then watered. Ever since I worked on the front planter area and ripped out a ton of the ground ivy, my roses are going nuts. They are all happy. Only two have survived this far. Im hoping one still will revive but we shall see.

But I have so many roses on just the two plants right now. A pink one and a lavender bush.

So my plan is to line the back wall with Oleanders. This way I dont have to pay to get the wall extended. Instead just have plants to block noise and the neighbors and the oldeanders can grow real big. See I have one, its pink in the very back but years ago my big sister came and said it was poisonous and how she hated those plants and wacked it down to nothing, like a little bush, so its now finally getting back to the point of reaching the top of the wall. I have the Pompus Grass, two of them, one is huge, the other is in in the back corner that doesnt get much water and I think I want to just rip that one out as they are hard to maintain, they slice your fingers easily.

I was looking at all the water fountains at Home Depot, sighhh, one day I will have one in my backyard. 🙂 I plan to eventually get to work on landscaping and have lots of dreams for that. But not right now. For now its clean out stuff and ebay it. I mean my lawns have grass and sprinklers so thats not an issue, my backyard has two large trees, I need to have one cut down but thats like $450 and Im no hurry to get to that.

I have one rosebush out back in the small planter and some iris’s planted in there.

Out front its the grass, two trees, the rose bushes and then some potted plants.

But like I said, some windows and the house painted then more work on the front landscaping. I want a trellis with a climbing flowering plant on it. Something with pretty flowers. My Mom has a China Doll rose plant climbing her trellis that I love, all this miniature pink looking roses.

So I brought home paint swatches to hold up in my bedroom. See if I can narrow down a color for my walls.

Ill be hanging at home this weekend. So its time to just sell sell sell and get crap out of here. Im so excited with the space I cleared in the garage this last week. I have much more room in there now after moving things around and stacking some stuff.

Plus I dropped off a few items to donate.

I finished up the kitchen last night. B went to Ju Jitsu, I mopped the rest of the kitchen floor, cleaned out the window sills, washed the window. I still need to clean the inside of the fridge though and wash the table cloth. But Im getting there!

Eventually my kitchen will be another makeover room. My ex put in all the nice floor board trim, he made window boxes for both windows above then and redid the door jam around the back door with nice trim. But I never painted any of it, left it the wood color. The walls are white. My ex also did the floor tile which is very nice. But what isnt nice it the cabinets and the counter top. The counter top is a beige ugly formica top with stains and marks on it. Its gotta go. Id like it tiled and figure eventually I need to just take the classes at home depot and tile it ourselves. But we shall see when I get to that point. I could use new cabinets. Well mainly the lower ones as three of the drawers are pretty messed up. But I have left them unpainted, the house is like 1958 and the its a woodgrain like yellowish tan brown color? How else to describe it? But if I just painted them they would probably look good. But who knows. Im not doing the kitchen yet right!

My bedroom, yep thats it, paint the walls.

So today my neighbors on the right (the rental with the fighting couple) a man came to measure the house, snap photos, my mom said thats probably an appraiser, so maybe they are gonna sell it! Woohoo! Lets hope so. It was a nice looking house when the first neighbors had it that lived there, before that an elderly couple lived there, nice detail to the yard and plants, But the last two neighbors have let stuff go. And these rental people are the worst, the lawn is overgrown and yellow and all the plants and shrubs all mangy and have weeds around them now. Sad because it has a sprinkler system and all but the people obviously dont care nor does the landlord.

But he had all the windows redone a few weeks ago so perhaps hes going to turn around and sell it now. I sorta hope it gets sold but praying its a buyer and not a rental. Buyers tend to take better care. But there are two rentals across the street but they have landscapers and keep the places up nice.

So thats it for me. I started a little bit of my other book “Coal Run” its a fiction novel. Just from what I read it seems good. Its this authors second book and I loved her first “Backroads” which turns out dreamworks is going to make into a movie! Woohooo! Damn that book literally had me glued, I read it in an entire weekend and I remember crying out loud in the bathroom. It was so engaging and just drew me into the world of the characters. So I was excited to see she has a new book out. I saw it at the book store for $15, bought it online for $4 with shipping on Half! haha

My Dr. Phil book is really helping me, right now with how I have been and the stuff with B. Im turning to myself and dealing with me, which is good.

And I listen to Dr. Laura so much. Yeah if I was totally gonna listen to Dr. Laura I wouldnt date or have a man until my kids were 18(so I have to wait 9 more years) and I cant shack up. I dont disagree with her to be honest, but Im also honest with where I am at.

Ive turned back to home nesting mode and getting this place in order with working less hours, spending more time with my kids and noticing, hey wait. WOW, I just thought about it, I havent really lost it in some time and really had to yell at them. But I was so fried from working all the time plus everything else.

But we also are only into week one back to school, we will get into real homework time very soon and see how that part goes.

Im proud of my boys. I want them to do well and get through school with good grades you know? I want them to follow the path and get a good education and graduate. My family all did, but my ex’s side is another story. So I just dont want the to go down the road of their Dad. I want them to be successful decent adults.

Well Im gonna scoot for now… later all

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