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Dear Diary,

Okay so I knew there was a website where you can find out if their are registered sex offenders living in your area. I found a link today on Yahoo News and finally visited the website. Which Ill post since its Nationwide.

So I go in and type in my zip code. Wow!

Then you can even type in the school and it will show within 1 mile how many sex offenders are registered. 24!!!!!!!! within one mile of the school which is just around the corner from my house ( my kids do not attend there)

So I type in the school where they go and it comes up with 26! And 1 High Risk Offender.

I type in my girlfriend B’s school district and there are 34!!!!

Okay I knew this area was bad, and its a great tool to use when looking for a place to live, but OMGOSH! I knew child abuse and domestic violence were bad here, and now I see that the amount of Sexual offenders here is terribly high! You can get a full view map of the city and its just covered in over 30 or so blue dots for offender areas.

So I wanted to compare and typed in B’s zipcode. And it shows just 2 LITTLE DOT areas! Meanwhile mine shows over 30! And its even more in the neighboring city, just oodles of dots lumped together and overlapping.

So I urge people looking to move, or curious about your area to look at the site, it was an eye opener to me.

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