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In response to Daisey’s comment,

I hear what you are saying, Im dealing with pain and loss right now, and sometimes being alone and quiet is the most painful part of all. Sitting there with everything pouring through my head. Ideally Id like to take off with a friend and see San Diego, but I dont really know anyone who is available like that other then Mr Obnoxious drinker guy(yes hes been online with me every day saying We can go to a movie! We can go to a Hockey Game, Spend Thanksgiving with me!) Which is sweet and all but hes not the ideal person. I cant deal with him.

I paged B again a bit ago and told him I need him now, I need him to hold me, that Im afraid to even ask this of him because I feel like it wont matter, but I told him I needed him. Not sure if Ill hear back or not. But I put it out there.

Ive already talked to Drool dude about coming down seeing him this weekend, hes working, I have the other guy M who said I can stay at his Moms if I want. Who knows what I will choose to do to be honest. I guess I really dont want to be alone, its too painful.

But thanks

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