Now What?

Okay you all,

Im asking for feedback, thoughts, etc.

It doesnt mean Ill do what you all day, but I just want some input.

Yes Ive snooped, and yes Ive been snooped on, I was by my ex husband big time and I hated it, but I also know I WANTED OUT of that relationship and was seeking things to help me out in the meantime till I left.


Also B stopped having the cell phone bills come with details the past 2 mos, I just logged into the phone bill site for the phone details. There are calls about once a week to a number. I didnt recognize it, a friend just called it for me, and it was a guys voicemail and it said his name.

It didnt click at first as B knows 3 guys by that name.

But the calls are like right after work, and he calls me right after them. They are like 2 min calls.

They are like once a week, except for one evenign there were like 8 every few minutes, this was after I had been asleep.

Then it dawned on me, when B said he got the weed from his buddy S, his best friend is a guy by this name, the guy is a DJ, into raves, drugs and all that. I know the guys have done Ecstacy and all that stuff. My friend said these look like trying to score calls.

I mean why else is he calling this dude every week before coming home for only 2 minutes?

Okay and there are a lot of porn files on his computer. One even on his desktop all of some chick named “Nikki”


How do I do this? Hes moved in, he has nowhere to go like RIGHT NOW at this second.

I feel I have two options. I either confront and say Ive had enough.

Or 2, I go to a counselor with him since he said he would go and had no problem with it.

But as I told my friend, I dont trust him. Im afraid to even leave him alone, wondering if hes smoking pot or watching porn you know?

No Im not saying hes a porn and pot smoker daily, cause well I did check his computer before and didnt see much porn viewing or any. It just seems to be as of recent, I had a feeling I guess. Thats why I looked, mainly because hes been up early and on his computer in the AM as of late.

So I h ave assumed hes smoking pot after work, in his Jeep which is what he drives daily(except he didnt today)

His mood sometimes when he walks in the door is loving, sometimes its literally stonefaced. Like he wont smile, he waves his hand with a blank stare, and is annoyed I want to hug him right away.

He wants to put his stuff down, so I have a hard time being excited to see him when he gets home cause it seems he doesnt want that and just looks at me weird.

And then there are times he comes home lovey? Hes very moody in that sense.

So how do I go about this? Hell its gonna take time to get us a counselor thru my insurance, the damn meeting, planning the time to go, I wanna go NOW if we are gonna do it. Hell Id even say lets go to a place and pay cash.

Or Ive gotta just say my peace?

I dont know how to proceed and that is the hard part, how do I handle all of this?

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