Wife Swap

Dear Diary,

I was watching Wife Swap tonight, I liked it, was pretty interesting.

I think both families had much to learn from one another.

At first I didnt care for the strict wife, the kick back mom coming in, bring plants, spontenaity, a kitten, family meals, etc. The family seemed to be responding well.

At the other house the opposite seemed to be happening, her wanting the house clean and neat, not all the pets, but then her saying you are a parent, not a friend, wanting a bed time for the youngest, things like that, I thought they were needed also.

Then watching the couples and wives meet and talk.

I saw things in both that were good that both could take away from the experience.

I think everyone got something from it though.

The first family had 25 pets. Eeeks

Im clean, and Im not big on indoor pets, granted caged pets are okay with me, but dogs and cats I prefer outside, well namely due to me being allergic. I just dont sit well in homes with pet hair, Im watchful of where I sit, I cant lounge around for fear of cat hair all over my clothes or dog saliva(which gives me an allergic rash also) I constantly am watching what I touch and washing my hands, so I wouldnt do well there either.

I also just dont like animal hair on furniture and things, but Im not opposed to pets, just prefer my dogs and cats living outdoors.

But the animal crap in the house, I dont deal well with, I know several people with cats, and I walk in their door and you smell cat piss immediatly. Or seeing dogs or cats crapping on carpet, I dont deal well with that either.

But then seeing the other home where they had fun, laughed, that was cool too.

The show is an interesting concept. 🙂

Today B and I slept in, lounged around, we cleaned the kitchen! YAY! It was sooo dirty, he did the dishes, mopped the floor, I cleaned up the table, cleaned spider webs, vacuumed, wiped down the counters.

It looks great now!

I also did some laundry, washed all our bedding.

I washed my Jeep too!

We went to lunch with my Mom and Dad for our Bdays(moms is tomm) Mom and Dad each gave me a card. Altogher I got $160 from my parents cash! WOOOHOOOO! I already spent a little, bought two parents of pants.

My Dad was funny and said “Spend that on yourself, its mad money, go paint your toenails or something!” haha aweeeeeeeeeeee

Its still a little weird adjusting to being out with my family with B, I get a little nervous, B is differnt, he curses at times, hes blunt, hes different. Just different then my family, and I always know at times it takes my mom aback.

He doesnt care what others think, he doesnt try to please or put on a mask, hes real.

So B came to me today with his Jeep renewal, I looked and it expired last month, it said it also needs proof of insurance, and he asked what insurance I had. Hmmm, so he needs to take care of that, I told him tomm I will give him the # of my insurance agent, and he can call and he will get B hooked up and quotes.

He doesnt have insurance on the Jeep?

He finally got his change of address done today, did you know you can do that online now??? Its a $1 charge, but B said” Hey its faster and deduct the cost of a stamp” So it really isnt that bad.

Kids are back now, they went to their Dads uncles. Which Im glad, their Dad worked so they stayed at his uncles.

B was a little weird tonite when we got the kids,he was very quiet, silent. We got home after being at my parents, having cake, packing up and heading home, when we got in I asked him if he was okay, he was quiet a little, acting weird, I questioned a little, he said “Well yay! The little terror is home all hopped up on sugar! YAY” for a moment I was offended, I just looked at him and said “If you want to view him as a terror then thats how you will see him, that can be taken care of by a bath, reading with him, sitting with him and talking can tone him done”

He seemed to chill, I wanted him to just go about his business, go online or in the office I tended to the kids, baths, unpacking, talking, snuggling.

B made a comment after the last weekend how my kids return from their dads, hyper, calling names, punching at eachother. B said you can totally see the difference, lack of discipline, etc. Which yes is true.

Just have to work with it and adjust is all, hes not used to it, I am.

Give him time he will learn.

Well everyones asleep but me, I should get to bed soon, just wanted to write some here.


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