He Screwed Up Again

Dear Diary,

Well looks like Im spending my free friday night at home. But by choice. I was so tired when I got done today. And came home, took off my clothes, put on the cooler and laid in my bed, closed the blinds, ahhhhh relaxation!

I did talk online briefly, Music dude was on. He was having to fire his assistant tonight and dreading it.

When I laid down Mom called. See today Ex picked up the kids. Now remember, the last visit since hes moved back to Cali he wanted them early, and told ME how it was gonna go. And I said No. We have court papers that say how it goes. Last visit as my mom was just leaving to drop the kids off at the courthouse(yes he wants them dropped there cause hes a retard, Im the one who is afraid of him ad refuses to see him so he cant mess with me, so my MOM does the drop offs, and he has to play all idiot and say the courthouse)

Sooo fine, whatever, its not the end of the world.

So last week he gripes to have them early, I make it hour early and have to make all my plans and my moms plans around his time. He then shows up and hour and a half late last time!

So guess what happens today? Mind you he wanted to get the kids at school. 2:45 this time. I once again reminded him to stick to the guidelines and me knowing what an idiot he can be he said the courthouse again( as opposed to my moms house) I even made it earlier again for him and had to leave by 2 with my boss and get her home, write a note to get my kids out of after school program early, have my mom meet me at the school, then she drove them to the courthouse parking lot to wait. She said to me “Is he going to be on time today?” I said “Mom like I know?” She said “Well Im going to be mad if he does this again, Im not gonna wait there long” and I told her to do what she felt best.

Its like 90 degrees outside and my kids get so hyper when their Dad is coming in anticapation that they are all jittery and talkative, they just cant wait, they are watching every car go by.

So she calls and says “He didnt show” BUT, “His Aunt came about 20 after, I was about ready to leave and going to wait 5 more minutes but then the kids saw her pull in and pointed her out, I wouldnt have known she pulled in if it wasnt for the kids” His Aunt then came over and apologized, my Mom said she could tell she was embarrassed. I guess my ex called her at 3 at her work! And said he was stuck in traffic( That was last visits excuse, this man has lived in Cali all his life and commuted for years so he knows when to leave to miss traffic and how to gauge, and how to plan drive times) His aunt said she wasnt sure she could get there in time, but she tried and she got their late rushing to get the kids, My mom told her she wasnt thrilled about this, that it was nothing on her, but its imposing on everyone. Then my Mom said “And if he knew he was running late and called you at 3pm? Why didnt he call me to tell me so we didnt sit here?” And his Aunt said “He didnt call you????” I mean my God he could have even called me, hes a idiot I tell ya.

So my Mom said she didnt have a problem with the kids going with his aunt and shed release them to her, but she said “The court papers dont say to give them to anyone else, he needs to follow them, and she nodded and the both said they hated things had to be dealt with this way. My Mom said she was very nice and she could tell embarrassed. My ex put her in the middle of things also.

So there ya have it, we just think its control once again. Since he cant get his way, he does something else, demands to get them earlier then the time, then shows up late? And I just noticed on my voice mail his phone calls are at 8:01pm. His call time is between 6-8pm for the kids, And I never noticed till I played the voice mail messages the time quote for the machine is 8:01 each time. Its like you begin to wonder about people? Why does he wait till 1 min after his time to call?

Yeah and im supposed to buy hes got his act together. Im so glad Im no longer with him.

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