Loving MOI?

“Once you are able to be “complete”—not needing someone else to make you a total being—then you will find that people will gravitate towards you, sensing your inner strength and security. By loving yourself without limit, your ability to enjoy life without a significant relationship increases. Magically, the one you’ve been waiting for appears in your life at that very time when you do not NEED someone.”

Just browsing the net and saw that.

I have actually looked up info on “How to Love Yourself” :::covers eyes::: Yeah I guess I feel sorta hokey saying that. But when I even spoke in group about how I had a hard time being alone without a “man” on my trip away, she said “YOu need to love yourself first, do things for you, pursue things that make your HEART SING” I heard those words that day, yet once again they go in one ear and out the other.

Why not start taking all of my confusions, worries, trying to figure men out and just DROP IT? Why not pursue some of MY DREAMS? And once again having to sit down and even remember what my dreams are.

Something else I found…

“if a relationship is not progressing the way you would like it to in a year, perhaps you should re-evaluate the relationship. I would add that you should also re-evaluate

yourself. If you feel your needs and wants are not being met, then you need to ask these two questions: What is so great about him that I cannot live without him? What is so terrible about myself that I cannot live alone?”

So Victoria, what is wrong with being where you are? And if B doesnt like it? Well? HOW DO YOU FEEL VICTORIA, put B aside. Sure I want B in my life, I love spending time with him. He has stated hes stuck in many areas himself and needs to pull his head out of his ass. So what is so wrong with me saying I just want to date him for now? If B has a problem with it, then its his problem right? I instead am afraid of his words that he has to quit and walk away. Well if thats what he needs to do thats HIM. And at this point, he still is around? So I cannot be pressured into getting back into either.

Whats so wrong with staying how we are? 🙂

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