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Dear Diary,
Hubby got approved for some vacation time in the summer. So I got to work planning some of our travels. He still has more PTO, over 50 hrs but found out May-August is pretty much taken, which is when I told him to try and get time off, he had to put in a bid for the week that he did get (toss up between the 4th of July week and his bday) or end of May(our anniversary) work approved the end of May. Hes not used to taking vacations, hes a home body, and we have never really been able to afford to travel much. Sure I do trips here and there a few days, but going out of the country is something we are really hoping to do this year also.

Since he didnt get the week of the 4th off I spoke to him about getting away still for the 3 day wknd, he agreed, and I will put him on a plane back on the 4th to go back to work the next day and I will stay behind and visit Mom, son and friends, etc.

Im excited!!!!!!!!!!

I am using Airbnb. I already used it for a place I stayed at in Los Olivos once before. I booked the 4th of July in Santa Barbara on there and it was cheaper then the hotels!!!!!!! And I found a private cottage in Montecito(where Oprah lives, right next to Santa Barbara) and the property has a gate with private beach access! Woohoo! The owners are massage therapists also so you can book that on the deck if you want. They have bikes, trails, leave food and snacks for you. Im excited.

Then I booked end of May, hubby will have 10 days total free!!!!!!!!! YAY!

So we are going to go up to Cambria, Big Sur, San Simeon, will be so wonderful to leave the Az heat during that time! I got us 4 nights there at a private apartment that has ocean views from the bedroom, love opening a window and hearing the waves. And this guy also provides a lot of tourist info and food, snacks, treats, a lot of these places leave continental style breakfast so thats a plus and you have a kitchen, patio, etc of your own and you stay in a neighborhood as they are back houses, studious, cottages, etc people own.

Then we will go back to where I stayed by myself over a year ago in Los Olivos. Cute little place with horses and now they have goats, its right by Solvang. So 3 days there. Then we will head back home. Its nice to make arrangements early and have better choices of places to stay!! So I got to hunt around quite a bit.

Airbnb is really neat as you learn about the people, I also am big on reading reviews of previous guests. But on airbnb you have profiles, pictures, when requesting to stay they want you to tell them about yourself, what brings you to the area and why you want to stay at their place. Then they have 24 hrs to approve it or not. I got all my approvals tonight, YAY!

I just wish we could also cram a trip to Utah in to Dads cabin, but dont think hubby can get that time off, so I told my gf E we need to go! That will work, so Ill have to try and plan dates with her to go. Would be nice to just have a girl time. My mom and sis are going in Mid May, but I went partially the last time they were both there, and I dont care for the dynamic between them combined, they are very sarcastic and like to pick on me. Which isnt really how they are or how its been all my life with my mom and sis. So let them have their time. I could go up on my own any time if I want also, its a 7 hr drive. Maybe I will need to do that also if she cant go. Just get out of the Az heat and GO!

I do love to travel and go to other places.

We put up a portable garage/shed here at home, it was $175 and we got it at Harbor Freight. Its big enough for a car. So now I have somewhere to put furniture and not panic about rain! We still have to anchor it down though, we do get crazy wind here.

I redid my antique store space a month ago. I sketched out a plan when I took my trip to California end of Dec and decided to do somethings different. I did a big clean out and then a half off sale of items before redoing my space. So far so good! I sold 3 of my large pieces for the month I just brought in! Hubby helped me drop off 2 French Style clawfoot sofa and loveseat today, so hoping those sell fast also. I got them from my neighbor at the historic home they are now going to rent and had an estate sale. She sold me so much for so cheap. I still have to pick up the rest! A buffet, kidney shaped huge couch with fringe, french provincial bedroom set and an old Steamer trunk.

Hubby and I have been hiking every wknd, but may not go this wknd as his allergies are really bad and hes not feeling good. Our weather has totally been warm, around 90 this wk and things are budding and blooming so he said his head feels like a balloon and hes super irritable.

I bought my first pair of hiking boots also, $160!!! They are the real deal but we are going every wknd and I needed them. And we will go hiking when we travel to California also.

I still have so much to do at home, we just got the shed up last wknd, then I went to the Estate sale, so Im using the shed right now to shuttle the new stuff through until it goes to the store, then I can start using it to sort out smaller items and get a grip on things around here and projects. Im working on a hutch right now, its all painted, just have to finish up the glass doors and hardware. So hoping we can also get that dropped off and out of here this wknd.

Im in my little world more these days, talk to Mom far less, big sis also, for one her work schedule, mom? its hard for me at times but I do it, she is repeating herself a lot, she also thinks Dad is haunting her so that is disturbing to me also.

My boys are in their own worlds. Dont have much contact and I dont reach out much either other then basic I love you texts. My youngest has done facetime with me and hubby though while at the military base. He will talk to me, but sometimes I just have a hard time going there also. Im thankful he is reaching out, but he tells me things inappropriate and I dont agree with often, like he doesnt get Im not his buddy but his mom and some stuff just is a NO.

And being a christian some of the stuff he is doing and saying I dont agree with so its just weird. I know they have to grow up, and they arent asking for my advice, and they know where I stand on things. So some things I just let it go and pray for them to have their own wake up calls in life.

My gf E, she is it, these days, my closest friend and confidant. Other then Hubby, and at times I need a break from him!

His new job is going super well, hes doing awesome there, winning awards, bonuses, you name it.

I enjoy my wed night Bible study, friday nights we sometimes attend other teachings at an awesome place here and I have learned a lot there and had some major breakthroughs in my walk with the Lord and the Bible. Will write about that at some point.

I work at home most days, on things around here and project furniture pieces. Ive also discovered the land of youtube vlogs. Ive enjoyed them! Some are silly and fun, a lot on makeup and tutorials and product reviews, natural products and it spirals off into hair and home products, food, recipes, pinterest, you name it. I feel like Ive been out of the loop so all of this has caught me up on makeup products, trends, looks, etc. I used to know more when I went to Beauty school and conventions, but its been so many yrs now! I didnt know what a beauty blender was! Or how to contour and highlight. So I ordered some new products. I decided a few mos ago to start phasing out more of my beauty products to natural ones. I found some nail polish without all the chemicals, and now my foundations, blush, mascara, etc. We dont realize what chemicals we put on our bodies which absorb into our skin. So its been fun getting new beauty products in the mail. I have been using blush Ive had for like 10 yrs!!!! Only things I regularly buy are eyeliners, mascara and foundation, so it was time for me to throw some away and get new stuff. I got some from the Pacifica makeup line, a bunch went on clearance at Target so I caught some of that during the sale.

I still need to phase out the chemical hair coloring, found a hair salon here that uses organic die and products, etc. So will see if I take the step and try this new gal out, still using my hair dresser in California, althought the cut she gave me in Dec was a little off, its like she forgot how she was doing my short hair cut, and its sort of driving me nuts how its growing out as it was never like this before. So maybe Ill take the plunge and try this new gal. Her husband is an airtist and AC guy who put in our unit. So the salon is funky with an art gallery of his paintings in an old warehouse.

So Ive got more beauty products coming via amazon this week to try out and get used too! And get more up to date here! But its kinda fun, this is the stuff you dont get to do when you arent around a bunch of close girlfriends. So it was time.

Im off for now!

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