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Dear Diary,

I have a friend I sorta reunited with not long ago, after not seeing for a few years, she is a very opinionated sort of person, down to my dog, to politics and views, she is loud mouthed and says how she feels. She is a large woman also and speaks in a fashion where its like “Ill smack her face off” or whomever she is talking about.

Well I am not a person who likes confrontation but Im also learning I dont like stuffing my thoughts either.

I dont think we need to sit there and name call and attack one anothers view points and thats not really ever been my style as it is. But have you ever been around people? People who express themselves, share their thoughts and ideas without restraint? I mean I guess what I wonder is, do they do this thinking I share their viewpoint so they think its safe? I mean cause at times I hear things that are even derogatory or disrespectful uttered that go against my own religious or political beliefs. Which I have no prob with someone saying they disagree with such and such, but when they use swearing, cursing, mocking comments and comments about wanting to do physical harm or whatever it is, that is where I just go “HUH?”

I typically keep quiet, but have found through the years, forgot where I heard this but something along the lines with the people who make the most noise arent always the majority, they are just the ones you hear the loudest and who get the press or whatever it is.

I like that, because I agree with it.

But its in so many areas…

I am the one im finding at times dipping my toe in the water saying “Well I actually like this or that person or their viewpoint” when the start up was to bash this person or idea.

And I have found it usually just takes one and then maybe a few others will chime in with me, but the rest will be quick to discredit and label.

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