Sex Offenders

Dear Diary,
Morning. Dammit. My allergies! Okay so B says whenever he lays down in bed his allergies act up. The only thing I can think of is our pillows. Perhaps we just need new ones? Ive washed everything, vacuumed, dusted, ya know?

SO I get in my truck this AM and my allergies hit me! Like watery eyes and runny nose. I was dying, so its either in my truck or on my new jacket(figuring cat hair possibly stuck to it from me at work and now its in my vehicle and on my coat? Who knows?

Im doing better now, stopped by my moms on my way to work and borrowed the Visine to help my eyes.

Its raining today, was super dark this AM. So I had oldest run out back and grab my wicker chair, Yipes, sat out in the rain last night, so I had to get it in the laundry room.

But the rain is welcome, nice change around here.

B got home last night in time for Breaking Bonaduce. Now Danny is going to rehab on this episode, his wife was saying she was gonna divorce him if he didn’t get help. They couldn’t show Dannys therapy session on this episode due to “Serious ethical reasons” and said the therapist said he would not be able to see him until he gets treatment for drugs and alcohol.

So Im really curious how its all gonna go ya know?

Eeesh I swear I need to get out of here and back to the beach air climate and feel normal again!

Nope wont be doing that for awhile unless I come upon a large amount of $$$. Have to be good. Pay off bills, and I have so much to do, I need to get quotes on various home improvements to get together an amount to apply for the home equity loan, definitely though getting the windows done is on the list.

I was watching this show last night “Buy Me” and its about hard to sell homes and all. So it was the divorcing couple dealing with selling their house and she was pissed off at the realtor, yada yada, oftentimes the people don’t clean up their homes well to display them well, he said they wanted too much for the house in its condition, if they dropped it $40,000 theyd sell it he said or else they had to make changes to ask for the price they wanted. Basically the house was CLUTTERED big time. Too much furniture, and I watched another show where they did redo it for a home sale and they spoke about how people walk into cluttered homes and are turned off, cause they cant envision themselves in the house cause they cant even see it! They just see another persons STUFF. So this lady really did zilch about the realtors request, and they had trash and crap and a boat and a fold out camper all along the house… anyways, it didn’t sell.

And that’s the stuff Im always taking note from, CLUTTER. My house is cluttered too. Just too much stuff. Well not as bad as the show people! LOL but I envision my house clean, open, simpler.

So Im happy, I have 3 Ebay bids! YAY! I cleaned up some more toys last night, will have to get them prepped and up for sale some eve this week.

Oh, my kids talked to their Dad, who wanted to talk to me, but I said to send me an email. Im not wasting my time with him right now. Anyways he told the kids he cant afford to buy them Halloween Costumes!

I just sat there. He hasn’t paid ANY child support in 10 months, hes not helped with any school expenses, school clothes, shoes, dental expenses, you name it! And he wants them for Halloween but says he cant afford COSTUMES?
So its aggravating? Do I go buy the costumes for them to go be with him? Ticks me off. Today is my meeting with the attorney after work.

And yesterday was my ex’s birthday, I don’t even think the kids remembered, but I don’t know, youngest didn’t talk to him and oldest called last night but it was brief, not sure what he said.

And my ex wanted to talk to me sat night and I said to send me an email. Havent gotten one yet.

This is just getting so idiotic, I cant rely on him for anything, other then to be irresponsible.

So my coworker gave me this website today

It’s a listing of sex offenders, You type in your address and it tells u where they are, then you click the colored square and it gives you their photo, charge, address, you name it! I knew I had one on my street from the other government type site, but it doesn’t tell u any details. So today I found out WHO is on my street. Its an older black man with white hair, hes on my very block, and he was charged with Rape by force.

It gives his name, I called and told my mom and we immediately both thought of the guy who is older and works on his yard all the time( he fits this description) but his house isnt on the side of the street matching the address number, but today when I go home Ill have to look and see which house it is.

Scary huh?

Check our your address too.

I gotta go for now, more later…

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