Dear Diary,

Im so sick, last night I felt like HELL.

About the last 30 min of work I felt nauseated. Got the kids and felt like puking, got home and laid down. Achy, then I knew I had fever, chills, and throw being nauseated on top of it all. I wanted to take something but was so afraid of puking.

I had to tell the kids I couldnt do anything, cereal or sandwiches for dinner. Well of course theyd argue or something while Im laying down and Im so sick its hard to get up and go intervene so Im yelling from the bedroom and just crying. I felt horrible.

B got home and asked if he could do anything. I said “Just love me” and had him get me a few things from the kitchen or so. I slept on and off, the kids kept waking me.

I finally took some of B’s Nyquil but I couldnt stomach it so I had to sip it little at a time, well it did help, everytime I woke back up I sipped some more. So I did sleep all night thank the Lord.

Im home from work today, I dont feel as bad as yesterday but Im not good either.

Today I will just lay around, its still cloudy out,….

I still dont get whats up with my body, this is how I was feeling over a week ago and then went to the dr. All my blood work came back fine so she said it could just be a viral thing. So Ive been fine for over a week and then WHAM yesterday it hits me again, except I felt even worse then I ever had before.

I sure hope whatever it is it works its way out of my system……

Im a pretty healthy person and dont get sick much,,, so this sucks….

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