Will never get him

Dear Diary,

Oh and I forgot to add.

My ex has NOT been talking to me in regards to his visitation with the kids. He has literally been blowing me off. Yes hes a retard a lot and doesnt pay support but the visitation hes better with.

I addressed him at the talent show over a week ago, he just stared at me when i spoke to him about the summer break for the kids and told him to call me to discuss, he didnt. I have emailed him, and I phoned him and left a voice mail. Oldest tried to talk to him but he only got him for like 2 min then he had to go.

Screw this.

See Im trying to arrange my vacation with the kids, so forget it, we are going.

The deal was it was Fathers Day, he is to have thekids, well he said he didnt want them the next 2 weekends and alternated one with me, well one has fathers day so I said that to him. Well hes also going to camp in the mountains to train.

So basically to sum it all up, he told the kids he will be home AFTER fathers day but thats all I know.

Plus he has to have them week on week off during the summer.

So Im gonna just plan our get away and leave on fathers day, we cant even call ex now as his phone doesnt work up in the mountains and they have a satellite phone up there for emergencies only or something.

Im just a bit pissed I have heard NOTHING from him and I tried on 3 occassions to speak to him.

Ah the irony, my ex doesnt pay child support is changing his visitation and not seeing the kids as often as he is supposed to and missing fathers day with HIS kids so he can go work as a camp counselor to other boys?

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