3am Where is He?

Dear Diary,

Its 3am. Im wide awake.

B went to work today, I wasnt happy about it.

He got a call from Big D and ended up leaving at 3, said hed be home tonight about 11-midnite

I spoke to him about 10:30, the party wasnt done yet he was working, so I figured he wasnt going to be home right away.

Well I just woke up and discovered hes not here. I fell asleep after 11.

Ive tried his cell, no answer. He didnt call and leave a message on the house or my cell phone either.

Ive tried to log into Sprint but its currently under maintenance to get Big D’s number cause I have no idea what the guys number is. Ive scoured my phone books and only found Big Ds Moms number which is who he lives with but just the machine, and I got his sisters house who owns the company, all are answering machines.

Ive called and called, Bs phone just rings. I left messages asking him to please call that Im worried.


Yes he has stayed the night in the past when they work late,,,, but he usually calls or eludes to he might be late. But he said he was coming home?

So how the hell can I go back to sleep not knowing whats up? If hes at Big D’s sleeping there its 45 min away, and yeah if I end up not being able to fall back asleep, I may end up making the drive, but then what? So I can be angry at him for worrying me?

Now I cant sleep

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