Neighbor Visit

Dear Diary,

Well Im home from work today, my little one is sick, headache and sore throat. Which sucks as this is only a 3 day work week and my hours are lower as it is so Im gonna be hurting. But next week Ill return to my full work schedule.

Its has been raining here, its finally stopped right now, it was chilly this weekend, and raining on and off.

Yesterday my old neighbor called, we called a few days prior, I left a message for her son from my son saying he wanted to talk and call him sometime. This was my little ones buddy.

Well she called sunday and they came over last night!

She at first said her husband was coming with (Unfortunately) was how she said it. I was wondering why he was coming to begin with but figured from his sisters emails they were seeing one another again.

Well, its always interesting to hear 2 different sides. Mind you, when they lived here she was the one who talked to me and was telling me about the problems, the fighting, the split, it was her talking.

Now Ive just been hearing it from HIS sister who Im friends with and have been getting earfuls of.

So the neighbor tells me she filed for divorce, she has an attny, a court date in Jan, and that she got a restraining order. She also said she has an apartment in the city(where B used to live first when we first dated)

She also told me she now has both kids with her, that her son, whos 7 was left at home alone. He called her at work, she went nuts, see she works an hour from her or more depending on traffic, so she had to leave work. Her soon to be ex was also getting him up every am at 4:30 as he was helping his fathers business and then sticking him with relatives but the boy was waking up that early(which explains why he woke up his sister that day she had them and was playing early in the AM)

Anyways, the car he was driving was HER moms so they took it back, so he has no car, no job, hes living with his parents who are in financial trouble and the father had a stroke, hes working for them but no pay, but rightly so as his sister said he doesnt help out or pay rent. He got $15,000 from the sale of the house and said he only has $3000 now and nothing to show for it. Shes all “He doesnt have any bills? Where did it all go?” And his sister even emailed me about that, that he didnt even get a car.

So she said she had enough and the kids live with her and she has them in a private school by her job. We talked about getting together the next weekend she has the kids and going to the park and letting them play. Omgosh they were all soooo excited and hyper last night! They need to go somewhere and play outdoors as they are all total boys together, running, wrestling, etc.

Well I guess Ill work on ebay stuff today so I at least can make some money while Im home! Later

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